Premise Health Achieves 25% Savings through Connected Care+, Expands Commitment to Value-Based Care

Premise Health, the largest direct health care provider and one of the largest digital providers in the country, has achieved 25% average risk-adjusted cost savings for Premise clients with its Connected Care+ service, according to an independent study. These results mark the success of a multi-year strategic plan to expand Premise’s clinical and technological capabilities to manage the health of clients’ total populations, achieving increased quality, enhanced experiences and lower costs.

“At Premise, we strive to impact quality, experience and cost not only within our wellness centers, but also when our members seek care in the community,” said Jami Doucette, MD, MBA, CSCS, president of Premise. “We’re excited by this progress, and we look forward to continuing to partner with our clients to improve the health of their people and populations.”

Premise clients are large employers, health plans and other organizations that sponsor health care for individuals and families. The study of Connected Care+ savings, conducted by Cedar Gate Technologies, compared results from 79,685 people across four states and five client sites from January – November 2021. Average per member per month costs for members attributed to the Premise wellness centers with Connected Care+ were $102 lower than those for members attributed to community providers. Lower costs resulted mainly from increased engagement with primary care teams, which closed care gaps and led to significant reductions in emergency room visits and inpatient admissions.

Connected Care+ is an advanced population health and value-based care solution developed by Premise and launched in late 2019. It leverages data-driven insights to identify high-cost, at-risk members within commercial populations and provide them with tailored support. Through Connected Care+, Premise providers can pinpoint population segments that drive year-over-year spending and proactively work to engage people to improve their health, which leads to healthier populations and lower costs. Solutions included in the Connected Care+ suite include care navigation and care management services, alongside second opinion consultations and a Center of Excellence relationship with Mayo Clinic.

In three years, Premise has grown the client base for Connected Care+ to include nearly 25 organizations and a member base of 267,000 eligible lives, with an additional 13 organizations and 197,000 eligible lives being added this year. This rapid growth builds upon the organization’s long history of cost savings driven through its patient centered medical home model. Premise has been value-based since it was founded and currently has more than 3 million lives in contracts that put revenue at risk based on performance.

“Premise has been committed to value-based clinical care that helps people live healthier for more than 50 years,” Doucette said. “And, as a direct health care organization, we have always effectively put our fees at risk based on performance – more than 99% of our revenue comes from clients, not fee-for-service billing, and they hold us accountable for the quality and cost of their populations’ care.”

The difference, he noted, is similar to the difference between navigating the seas with only the stars and navigating them with today’s sophisticated technology.

“By leveraging data analytics and advanced population health within our existing direct health care model, Premise is redefining what health care can do for our clients and members,” Doucette said. “Before, we were going in the right direction, but we can get there much, much faster today.”

Premise delivers digital and in-person care through the Digital Wellness Center and a network of more than 800 onsite and nearsite wellness centers across the country. The organization employs 5,000 clinical team members and offers more than 30 health care services, including primary care, pharmacy, occupational health, behavioral health and musculoskeletal care.