Connected Care+: A Fundamentally Different Approach to Population Health

For employers, the stakes are high. Right now, companies in the U.S. are paying more than $680 billion annually on wasteful medical spending. On top of this, they’re footing the bill for half the population – that’s almost 160 million Americans – and healthcare is the second largest line item in the budget, after labor, for many industries.

Employees who experience poor outcomes due to ineffective treatments and inappropriate care realize losses in productivity and higher absenteeism rates – the estimated cost to U.S. employers is more than $260 billion each year.

Here’s the good news, though, employers have a tremendous opportunity to disrupt healthcare and innovate within the system. So, what is the key to creating substantial healthcare savings for organizations? It starts with getting team members invested in their health.

What is Connected Care+?

Connected Care+ is Premise Health’s innovative take on population health management that amplifies the member experience while cutting major healthcare expenses for employers.

This data-driven approach to comprehensive primary care connects members with high-quality solutions across the healthcare ecosystem. Premise care teams leverage predictive analytics, advanced technologies, and innovative partnerships, ensuring members receive the support and guidance they need throughout their care journeys, leading to better outcomes, lower costs, and exceptional member experiences.

The solutions that drive this approach include:

  • Care Management – A proactive solution that leverages powerful data insights to identify and engage members who need support the most.
  • Care Navigation – A seamless solution for helping members access high-value specialty care in their communities. A team of supportive care navigators leverage outcomes and price data to guide members to high-quality, cost-effective providers and facilities that are in-network and accessible.
  • Care Consult – A second opinion solution that gives Premise Health providers access to the highest-quality specialty expertise from Mayo Clinic, ensuring members receive the right diagnoses and treatment plan while avoiding unnecessary care.
  • Care Excellence – A Centers of Excellence (COE) referral solution that gives members with complex, serious, or rare conditions expedited access to the highest-quality specialty care at a Mayo Clinic treatment destination.

What does Connected Care+ offer?

Members are always at the center of any population health approach, so it’s critical that they have exceptional support and guidance to make informed decisions about their health. This starts with the right team backed by powerful data insights.

With Connected Care+, members are supported by providers, care navigators, and data analysts who don’t miss a beat – they’re engaged and invested in positive health outcomes that help members meet their highest potential. Because of this hands-on approach, members aren’t limited by their conditions, but instead empowered to meet their goals and improve upon their overall wellbeing. From leveraging powerful data insights that identify and engage members who need care the most, to helping them access high-value specialty care in their communities, members always have experts by their side.

Regardless of complexity, dedicated teams guide members seamlessly through their care journeys. Connected Care+ providers work inside and outside of the primary care ecosystem to deliver the highest-quality specialty expertise. The goal is to ensure members receive the right diagnoses and appropriate treatment plans to avoid unnecessary and expensive care.

What are the key benefits?

Because your people are your greatest asset, it’s important they feel supported and have access to the right healthcare solutions when they need them the most. As an organization, better outcomes for your team members, means bigger savings for you.

Implementing a Connected Care+ solution delivers value that:

  • Reduces healthcare costs
  • Improves health outcomes
  • Delivers exceptional member experiences
  • Is clinically integrated across primary and subspecialty care
  • Gives members access to care from experts who specialize in treating rare and complex conditions

Optimizing care for your population.

Leveraging data insights to proactively engage and enhance overall quality, experience, and value of healthcare is key to Premise Health’s Connected Care+ solution. Our innovative take on population health helps members access high-quality care while delivering significant savings for employers and optimal outcomes for members.

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