More than a Number: Creating a Balanced Lifestyle Beyond the Scale

Watch the latest webinar from The Break Room, our exclusive series for Premise Health members, to learn about how our health is defined more by the choices we make than what the scale says. You’ll hear from our own Alessia Thacker RDN, as she discusses how to maintain a healthy weight while nurturing your overall wellbeing.

During “More than a Number: Creating a Balanced Lifestyle Beyond the Scale,” Alessia highlights practical strategies for nurturing yourself through balanced eating, discovering your “why” and using mindfulness to build and keep healthy habits.


Mind Over Matter

Our health is more than a number on the scale. Other factors like our physical, mental, and social wellbeing paint a more complete picture of our overall health. Let’s go beyond the scale and focus on non-weight victories like positive changes in your mood or sleep quality or noticing if your clothes fit differently.

One way to start making these changes (and noticing them) is through mindfulness. When you become mindful, you become a neutral observer of yourself with greater awareness of your thoughts, feelings and cravings. You’ll also learn about some mindfulness tips that can help you achieve your health goals, such as noticing your hunger cues, eating slower and changing the words you use around food to have neutral language, rather than defining it as good or bad. By getting more in tune with how you feel physically and emotionally, you can create a more sustainable, long-term plan for your overall health.  

How Premise Health Can Help Support Your Healthy Habits

If you’re a member, or believe you may be a member, reach out to your employer to learn more about the benefits available to you through Premise – you may have access to nutrition services! If you don’t, your primary care provider can offer support and refer you to additional resources in your community as needed.  

If you’re an employer, contact us today to find out how we can support your employees and improve your workplace. No matter your industry, nutrition and wellness offerings can help your people feel better and be more productive while at work. At Premise, we take a prevention-focused approach and will work with your human resources team to develop wellness programs that fit the needs of your organization.   

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