Inside a Premise Health Mobile Health Center

As businesses grow, so does the need for creative solutions for providing healthcare to their populations. For employers with several work sites miles apart, however, high-quality health solutions can be even trickier to find.

Mobile health centers could be the unique solution to this problem.

What is a mobile health clinic?

A mobile health clinic is a comfortable, modern vehicle that travels to provide accessible healthcare for members throughout the community. They’re more than sick care on wheels; they provide preventive and primary care services to keep members healthy via physical exams, immunizations, health screenings, and more.

For organizations with multiple worksites within a geographic area or a workforce that’s highly dispersed across a city or county, a mobile health set-up removes barriers to high-quality care.

For members, it’s more convenient too with same-day visits and flexible scheduling throughout the workday. Instead of having to drive across town to see a community primary care provider, they can save time and money with a mobile wellness center that comes directly to their workplace.

And because they’re not open to the public, that means no crowded waiting rooms for employees who need to get care quickly and get back to work.

What is the inside of a mobile wellness center like?

For those who are used to unwelcoming waiting rooms at community doctors’ offices, the thought of getting care in a vehicle can be daunting. However, Premise Health mobile wellness centers are designed to not only put members at ease, but to ensure they receive care beyond what they would receive anywhere else.

As members approach the mobile wellness center, they’ll be greeted by the colorful exterior and friendly faces ready to help them get checked in for their appointment.

Like a traditional clinic setting, mobile health centers feature a waiting area with comfortable seating where providers can greet patients before their appointments. So, no matter the weather, members can stay warm and dry during their short wait to see a provider.

Whether a patient is visiting for an annual physical, a conversation about their chronic condition, getting a flu shot, or something else, private exam rooms equipped with a wide variety of tools ensure that members can address their needs with providers in a safe, clean environment.

Mobile wellness centers are also furnished with other important facilities. For members that need routine testing, an in-vehicle laboratory unit and restroom round out a pleasant care experience that can take place entirely from the mobile center.

Bring exceptional care to all your people.

At Premise, we specialize in building healthcare solutions that work for employers and your people, wherever and whenever they need care.

Whether you’re looking to offer primary care experiences to multiple worksites or meet the increasing needs of a dispersed workforce, mobile wellness centers close the distance between members and better health.

Ready to get rolling with a mobile wellness center? Get in touch today to get started.

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