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Massage Therapy: Knot Your Average Workplace Perk

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Whether you have a standing appointment with a massage therapist or have never been on the table, massage might be the last thing you expect to see on your list of employee health benefits this year. But in a modern era of holistic care, it may fit in better than you think. From relieving muscle […]

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Four Simple Wellness Habits to Adopt in 2024


You’ve heard it time and time again: The new year is an opportunity to make life-changing resolutions and adopt a new mindset around health and wellness. But while it’s tempting to set a goal to stop eating carbs, run a marathon, or never make a mistake at work again, once you ring in 2024 it […]

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Continuing The Conversation About Health Equity: An Employer’s Guide


Health equity has become an essential part of the benefits conversation because of its role in employee health and wellbeing. Yet, for many employers, knowing where to start is still a challenge. They may find it difficult to identify the health inequities affecting their workforce or to decide which solutions would be most helpful. For […]

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What You Should Know About Patient Attribution in Healthcare

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Patient attribution is a key concept for organizations in evaluating where their population is receiving their healthcare and the impact of this care. However, it is also a term that has vague, often-changing definitions. Since it’s important, let’s define attribution — as well as utilization and how the two differ — then look at how […]

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Calm Through Gratitude: How to Ease Anxiety This Holiday Season


Watch the latest webinar from The Break Room, our exclusive series for Premise Health members, to learn how practicing gratitude in the face of anxiety can help you gain a little peace during the holiday season. You’ll hear from our own Amanda Rivera, Licensed Independent Social Worker, as she discusses how gratitude can help support your […]

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