Find Relief with Tips and Stretches from Our Latest Ergonomics Webinar

In the most recent webinar from The Break Room, our exclusive series for Premise Health members, Casey Engles, CPT, CGFI, CMES, covers ergonomics tips and demonstrates stretches you can do throughout your workday to prevent and relieve musculoskeletal issues.

Watch the recording of “Stretch Break: Guided movements and tips for workday relief” below and practice the stretches while you watch. These movements are meant to be easy to perform, regardless of your workstation setup.

The benefits of stretching at work

Many of us spend eight hours or more working each day, which often involves sitting at a desk or behind a steering wheel, standing for long hours, lifting heavy loads, or repeating similar motions. Unfortunately, these movements are often part of our job duties and cannot be avoided. Whether you’re sitting or standing, doing the same thing for extended periods of time could potentially lead to muscle tension, stiffness, and overall discomfort.

Getting up and moving or stretching every hour can help keep your muscles warm and increase flexibility to avoid musculoskeletal discomfort. Taking quick breaks throughout the day can also help reduce stress, clear your mind, and combat post-lunch drowsiness by getting your blood flowing and making you feel more refreshed and productive.

If you don’t have the flexibility to step away from your job duties for a few minutes to move or go for a walk, try the stretches demonstrated in this webinar! They can be done in workstations of any size, whether you’re seated or standing.

How Premise can help

If you’re a member, or believe you may be a member, reach out to your employer to learn more about the benefits available to you through Premise – you may have access to musculoskeletal services! If you don’t, your primary care provider can offer support and refer you to additional resources in your community as needed.

If you’re an employer, contact us today to find out how we can support your employees and improve your workplace. No matter your industry, ergonomics and musculoskeletal offerings can help your people feel better and be more productive while at work. At Premise, we take a prevention-focused approach and will work with your human resources or health and safety teams to develop ergonomics programs that fit the needs of your organization.

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