Connected Care+: What is Care Consult?

Connected Care+: What is Care Consult? | Premise Health

Every year, employers lose more than $680 billion to wasteful medical spending – a result of unnecessarily high-cost care, poor outcomes, and inappropriate treatment. With 30% of care falling under the umbrella of ineffective and unnecessary, ensuring members get the right diagnosis and treatment plan has never been more critical.

So, how can those in your workforce receive the specialty care they need to see life-changing results? The answer is Care Consult. This digital provider-to-provider consultation grants members access to a second opinion from Mayo Clinic specialists via their Premise Health provider – saving both time, expense and ensuring appropriate treatment.

What is Care Consult?

Care Consult, a component of Premise Health’s Connected Care+ approach, is our second opinion solution that gives Premise providers access to the highest-quality specialty expertise, securing the right diagnoses and treatment plans virtually – all while avoiding unnecessary care for members.

For example, if a member receives an abnormal test result, undergoes ineffective treatment, or is told by a community provider they need major surgery, they may benefit from a second opinion. In these critical moments, Premise Health providers recognize the opportunity to get objective expertise from a Mayo Clinical specialist or subspecialist. Mayo Clinic facilitates a second opinion both providers and members can trust as they’re recognized by U.S. News & World Report as the nation’s number one hospital, while also being top ranked in 12 specialties. By working with the best, members gain virtual access to the highest quality care and receive the support they need to navigate tough decisions.

In just a matter of three to five business days, members can receive their best-in-class second opinion. Premise quarterbacks a seamless experience that saves both time, expense, and ensures an appropriate treatment plan.

Why would someone need a second opinion?

  • They have a complex or abnormal diagnosis/test result
  • Their treatment plan isn’t working (or has limited/little results)
  • A community provider told them they need a major surgery
  • They have conflicting diagnoses and/or treatment plans
  • They’re unable to find answers within the community
  • The recommended treatment plan is too expensive

How does it work?

These visits require no appointments and allow providers the ability to connect with Mayo Clinic specialists via digital consultation. The purpose of the consultation is for the Premise provider to ask a complex question related to the member’s care. The Mayo specialist will document their opinion and send it electronically back to the Premise provider. The provider will then share the results with the member, providing a closed loop to the conversation. Additionally, since Premise and Mayo Clinic utilize the same electronic medical record network, sharing clinical documentation is seamless for members and providers.

Whether the provider has a question about the member’s medication interactions or abnormal test results, Premise Health facilitates peace of mind, convenience, and the added layer of assurance that comes from a second opinion.

What are the key benefits?

If a member is dealing with a complex condition, conflicting results, or a wandering diagnosis, we leverage our collaboration with Mayo Clinic to gain access to objective expertise on the best course of action. This digital provider-to-provider consultation includes a thorough review of the member’s medical record and a recommended treatment plan based on their specialized experience – whether locally or at a Mayo Clinic treatment destination.

Care Consult delivers value that:

  • Ensures members receive appropriate, evidence-based treatment plans and hands-on guidance
  • Provides second opinions from globally renowned providers
  • Verifies the right treatment plan and avoids unnecessary care
  • Adds an additional layer of reassurance for the member
  • Streamlines ongoing care and follow-up
  • Facilitates fast turnaround times for specialty, second opinions

Optimizing value for your organization.

Care Consult is Premise Health’s second opinion solution. Through our Centers of Excellence collaboration with Mayo Clinic, Premise providers are granted access to the highest-quality specialty expertise to ensure members get the right care and avoid unnecessary or inappropriate treatment. Along with this, clients bypass unwarranted healthcare costs while giving their people access to the best specialty care in the nation.

Our innovative take on population health helps members access high-quality care while delivering significant savings for employers and optimal outcomes for members.

Learn how Premise Health can help optimize the care of your employees. Contact us today.

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