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Connected Care+

Expert guidance through the healthcare ecosystem.

A fundamentally different approach to population health.

Connected Care+ is Premise Health’s data-driven approach to comprehensive primary care that ensures members receive high-quality healthcare across the entire ecosystem. We leverage predictive analytics, advanced technology, and innovative partnerships to support and guide members throughout their care journeys, serving as trusted partners and allies along the way.

The result is a supercharged primary care model that leads to better outcomes, lower costs, and exceptional experiences. Members benefit from seamlessly integrated care and the peace of mind that comes from having a plan.

The right solutions when and where you need them.

Care Navigation

Care navigation helps members access high-value specialty care in their communities. We guide members to quality, cost-effective providers and facilities that are in-network and accessible by leveraging outcomes and price data. Our hands-on approach ensures members aren’t navigating their healthcare needs alone.

Care Management

We utilize powerful data insights to engage your population with personalized care plans that improve health and close care gaps. We identify those who need the most support and ensure they have what they need to succeed. Our data-driven approach promotes better outcomes, lower costs, and healthier members.

Care Consult

Our second opinion solution gives Premise Health providers access to the highest-quality expertise via a Mayo Clinic specialist. We ensure members receive the right diagnoses and treatment plans while avoiding unnecessary care.

Care Excellence

At Premise, we partner with Centers of Excellence (COE) including Mayo Clinic to help mitigate medical error and provide specialized treatment for those with complex, serious, or rare conditions. This solution ensures a seamless referral process and provides specialized, high-quality, evidence-based treatment for those who need it most.

Collaborating to enhance care delivery.

See Care Excellence In Action

Centers of Excellence

Through our COE collaboration with Mayo Clinic, we provide smooth, managed access to care for members with high-cost and high-risk diagnoses, or for those unable to find answers elsewhere. We ensure easy transitions, rapid evaluation, accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment for members who need it most.

Reducing Wasteful Medical Spend

U.S. employers spend more than $680 billion annually on wasteful medical spend – a result of unnecessarily high cost care, poor outcomes and inappropriate treatment. We’re setting the bar higher in the healthcare industry by helping our members overcome barriers to quality care, such as access, time, and coordination. We’re giving our people the opportunity to benefit from a seamless care experience that is helpful, not a hassle.

Our Connected Care+ offering includes:

  • Holistic care management
  • Downstream care navigation
  • Expert second opinions
  • COE referrals

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