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Pharmacy Services Have Never Been this Different

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When someone thinks of utilizing a pharmacy, they may think of long lines and expensive medications, causing frustration that has some individuals skipping the process all together.  This can result in unfilled prescriptions and medical conditions going untreated. At Premise, our pharmacists remove these barriers and focus on building personal relationships. That doesn’t sound so […]

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Virtual Primary Care: Your Primary Care Provider Anytime, Anywhere

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The landscape of virtual primary care and telehealth looks drastically different now compared to 2019, thanks in no small part to the COVID-19 pandemic. Mandatory lockdowns and quarantines caused a boom in the popularity of virtual healthcare and people quickly became comfortable with virtual visits. We know this firsthand, as Premise Health saw a 3,600% […]

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What to Know About Men’s Health

Healthcare Access

The saying “the best defense is a good offense” doesn’t just apply to sports and military tactics – it’s also true for your health. Taking a proactive approach to health is a challenge for many men. Men’s health issues often become a cause for concern because they are statistically more likely to avoid addressing ailments. According to the CDC, women are 33 percent more […]

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Digital Wellness Center: The Gold Standard of Virtual Care

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Virtual visits, often referred to as telehealth, deliver care to individuals when and where it’s most convenient to them, making it an excellent option for workers, families, and dispersed populations across the country. However, not all platforms are created equal. For the world’s leading organizations, the healthcare industry represents a source of frustrating risk and […]

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The Evolution of Workplace Health and Safety in 2021 and Beyond

Industry Insights

For over 50 years, Premise Health’s occupational health teams have been on the frontlines of health and safety in the workplace. During the COVID-19 pandemic our teams have provided comprehensive support to organizations navigating this new landscape and have learned a lot along the way. Taking a moment to reflect on the past year, we […]

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