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Occupational Health

Create a safer, healthier workplace for all.

Keeping your workforce at the top of their game.

For over 50 years, we’ve helped organizations around the globe prioritize workplace health and safety by establishing a program to prevent and respond to work-related injuries and illnesses. We help maintain and improve workforce health, while complying with government safety regulations.

With certification, training, and ongoing support, our occupational health team can deliver a program that does it all.

Help members get back to good health sooner.

Employment Physicals

Ensuring that employees can safely perform the duties of the job is key to maintaining a safe and healthy workplace. Our pre-employment, return-to-work, work surveillance, and fitness-for-duty physical exams provide the information you need to make those decisions. As your onsite partner, we have the unique ability to review your job descriptions and accurately determine which candidates are a fit for your organization’s needs. Our medical surveillance exams are completed based on federal and state regulatory standards, providing you with the knowledge that your employees meet all the required safety standards.

Preventive Services

Our occupational health services focus on preventing workplace injury or illness, rather than after-the-fact treatment. We work with you and your members to maintain or improve their health with programs that include surveillance exams and biometric screenings. Our approach aims to achieve positive behavior changes that lead to a safer work environment for all as we collaborate with your safety team to conduct safety rounds on a regular basis. Our providers are well-versed in occupational health best practices and offer a variety of educational resources to help your members get, stay, and be well.

Injury Management

Premise Health provides onsite injury care for your employees – more convenient for them, less costly for you. We understand that there are many people involved whenever an employee is injured at work, and we are prepared to collaborate with all applicable parties. For example, we work with your workers’ compensation program or third-party administrator to handle claims and return-to-work programs. We also partner with your environmental health and safety team to assist in root cause analysis, identification of process and environmental hazards, and evaluation of remediation plans to avoid future incidents. Whatever it takes, we’re here to help and prevent future incidences.

Drug and Alcohol Testing

We administer your drug and alcohol testing program using Department of Transportation (DOT) guidelines and your organization’s policy, with the capability of administering non-DOT drug surveillance. Our staff is trained and qualified under DOT collection standards. Our medical review officers are available for you and are certified by a nationally recognized medical review officer certification board.

The right resources and support.

Case Management

The goal is to successfully return members to work. Our case managers are experts in communication and offer members the right resources and support in navigating the healthcare system so they can get back on the job and back to good health as quickly as possible.

Hands-on Support

At Premise Health, we work with you, your management team, and vendors, to support and implement your occupational health, compliance, and benefit programs. This allows us to deliver a more efficient approach with the potential for cost savings, reduced disability claims, and lower absenteeism.

Workplace Design and Ergonomics

In addition to ensuring individuals are suited for the task, the work environment must be suited for optimal health and safety as well. Our wellness center staff collaborates with ergonomists and industrial hygienists as well as physical therapy, occupational therapy, and athletic trainers to develop and implement a program specific to the needs of our clients.

OSHA Compliance

OSHA guidelines exist to protect employees from unsafe conditions, and employers can face penalties for violating these guidelines. We have developed best-in-class medical surveillance procedures, guidelines, and resources to use in conjunction with your organization’s policies and procedures to protect both your employees and your company.

Our occupational health offerings include:

  • Injury diagnosis and treatment
  • Musculoskeletal evaluation
  • Emergency care services
  • Medical surveillance
  • OSHA regulatory compliance and record keeping
  • Ergonomic assessments
  • Case management
  • Return-to-work plans
  • Pre and post-employment exams
  • Drug and alcohol testing
  • Access to Medical Review Officers
  • PT and OT services
  • Service consultations
  • Non-occupational illness care

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