Premise Health Occupational Health Clients Yield 52% Lower OSHA Recordable Rates and Save Six Lost Workdays Per Case

Premise Health conducted an analysis of Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recordable injuries and lost workdays associated with those injuries within our occupational health book of business. This analysis included over 52,000 eligible lives across 19 employers.

The Study

This analysis was conducted on OSHA recordable injury rates and lost workdays for employers within our occupational health book of business. Those rates were then compared to industry benchmarks. There are seven industries represented in the study:

  • Beverage and tobacco product manufacturing
  • Educational services
  • Hospitals
  • Machinery manufacturing
  • Merchant wholesalers, durable goods
  • Professional, scientific, and technical services
  • Utilities

The Methodology

This study leveraged the Bureau of Labor Statistics Quartile Datasets of total OSHA recordable cases by industry1 to create industry standard benchmarks of OSHA recordable rates per 100 employees. Additionally, the study incorporated Official Disability Guidelines (ODG) data to create benchmarks to understand the expected time away from work for the occupational injuries and illnesses. Employers were analyzed through their first five years of operation with Premise, with go-live dates ranging from 1999-2016. Benchmarks reflect each worksite’s calendar year of operation.

The Findings

Based on the over 52,000 eligible lives studied in the first five years of operation, OSHA recordable rates were significantly lower for employers who partnered with Premise to deliver occupational health compared to overall industry rates. Each year showed OSHA recordables rates that ranged from 41% to 52% lower than industry benchmarks.

In addition to preventing recordable injuries from happening in the first place, partnership with Premise led to faster recoveries when injuries and illnesses did occur. A comparison to the ODG expected time lost found that when cases were managed by Premise, on average there were six lost workdays prevented per case.

According to the National Safety Council the cost per medically consulted injury in 2020 was $44,0002, so an injury rate that’s over 50% lower than the industry standard means big time savings for employers.

At Premise, our preventive approach to occupational health is focused on stopping injuries before they happen. However, injuries and illnesses will inevitably happen at work and when they do our occupational health providers deliver effective treatment that gets employees back to work quickly and safely.

1 Industry Benchmark Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics https://www.
2 National Safety Council jury-costs/

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