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Company History

The evolution of Premise Health.

Premise has been defining our industry for 50 years.

Our story began as National Health Services, under which we opened our first site in 1964. That site is still operating today, a testament to our ability to continuously build, execute, and deliver value to our clients. These deep roots give us the confidence to shape a new future.

Forming the future.

Unmatched Breadth and Depth

Premise has grown exponentially since our start, striving to offer the greatest breadth and depth of services in our industry. We’re always looking to expand our already robust list of products to continue to be a strategic and forward-thinking partner to our clients.

Joining a Trusted Partner

In July 2018, OMERS Private Equity completed its acquisition of Premise Health, a partnership that positioned us for the next phase of our evolution. OMERS, a pension fund operating without limited partners, is focused on creating long-term value through asset-specific decisions within a flexible hold period. It drives value creation while also sharing our cultural values and vision, making OMERS a perfect fit for growing our business.

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