How Premise Health pivoted to a virtual-first environment at the height of the pandemic and beyond

In April 2020, as local hospitals and health systems experienced a significant increase in volume due to the emerging COVID-19 pandemic, Premise Health stepped in to reinforce the country’s infrastructure with continued access to acute, episodic, and primary care through their physical and digital access points.

The Challenge

Amid a global health crisis like the COVID-19 pandemic, individuals continue to need care for various reasons, including acute illnesses, chronic conditions, and treatment of behavioral health needs such as anxiety and depression. However, receiving care for these conditions can prove challenging due to the limiting of non-essential visits for safety reasons during the pandemic. When this happens, the inability of individuals to see a provider may result in the potentially dangerous outcome of care needs going unaddressed.

Recognizing the importance of ensuring access to everyday care during a public health crisis, Premise Health’s clients and members needed options that would provide seamless, virtual-first care while facilitating condition management and COVID-19 support.

The Solution

As a part of an overarching response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Premise pivoted nearly 20 products to be offered in a virtual-first environment. By facilitating care through their digital member portal, My Premise Health, they have continued providing access to high quality healthcare for large employer clients and their populations while alleviating the burden on community resources.

Though many direct healthcare and telehealth companies offered some services in a virtual environment, Premise Health chose to expand nearly all products virtually to ensure members could receive the care they needed when they needed it. From primary care to occupational health, as well as pharmacy, fitness, wellness, and beyond – Premise was able to meet more healthcare needs than any other telehealth provider in the country – all while continuing to prioritize the member experience.

As many Americans sought care virtually, they experienced long wait times. Leading national telemedicine providers averaged three hours or more to see a provider during the peak of COVID-19. However, with Premise, members were able to connect with the national virtual health team via on-demand visits in less than 10-minutes. Short wait times, engaged providers, and the continuity of care, information, and member experience that comes with a single team, have been key components of Premise Health’s member net promoter score (NPS) of 88 for virtual health.

Premise Health’s Approach

Ensuring access
At a time when community practices and health systems couldn’t provide essential services, direct primary care teams stood ready to alleviate the burden on limited resources. Physical and digital providers continued to deliver high-quality healthcare to members and their families, even if a site closed. This unprecedented access to care is crucial during times of public crisis.

Virtual care first
Making sure everyday needs are taken care of during a pandemic is very important. While hospitals and health systems focus on treating emergent COVID-19 cases, individuals still had other healthcare needs. Leading with virtual care first, and in-person care second, is a best practice during a pandemic.

Chronic condition support
When healthcare resources are limited, it’s more critical than ever to help individuals manage their chronic conditions, from diabetes to hypertension and beyond. Those who aren’t in good health could be at an increased risk of infection from COVID-19 and may fare worse if they get it.

With this in mind, direct primary care teams focused on ensuring members with chronic conditions continued to have support:

  • Managed their chronic conditions
  • Refilled medications
  • Quickly addressed acute concerns

The Outcome

As the pandemic evolved, the unique and vitally important role that Premise played in pandemic preparation and response was clear.

Premise Health has worked with their clients to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic utilizing adaptive strategies to protect workers and create plans to reopen campuses. In addition, more than 800 clients, industry leaders, and prospective clients tuned in to the Premise Health virtual webinar series on evolving policies, safety protocols due to COVID-19, and return- to-work strategies and best practices.

The value proposition at Premise Health is delivering the highest quality clinical care and wellness programs to their clients in a way that elevates member experience, lowers costs, and redefines the meaning of quality care. Premise served and continues to act as a strategic partner during challenging and uncertain times.

Today, members have access to virtual visits for behavioral health, clinical pharmacy, condition management, nutrition, occupational therapy, physical therapy, and wellness coaching, among others. As the most digitally connected provider group in the country, Premise strongly believes the combination of digital and physical access points will be the winning access model moving forward, driving sustainable member and client value.

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