Cummins LiveWell Center Described as Revolution in Employee Medicine

Columbus-based Cummins Inc. invited health advocates and community leaders to its innovative health care center Thursday to celebrate its launch.

Less than a month after officially opening the doors to its new employee facility, the lobby of the 28,000-square-foot LiveWell Center in Columbus was overflowing with guests including Columbus Mayor Jim Lienhoop.

Cummins CEO Tom Linebarger also welcomed U.S. Assistant Surgeon General, Rear Adm. Jim Lando to commemorate what Lando called a revolution in employee medicine.

The LiveWell Center will be available to approximately 9,500 Cummins employees and their dependents — about 17,000 projected patients total.

Unlike most health care facilities in the United States, which are often more reactive than proactive in nature, Lando said the LiveWell Center is revolutionary in its dedication to not only treating employee health problems but also to teaching those employees how to live a generally healthy lifestyle.

Creating an in-house health care system where employees feel comfortable receiving treatment for both themselves and their families was the goal of the LiveWell Center all along, Linebarger said.

Center’s key features

  • The 28,000-square-foot building was designed by Indianapolis-based Axis Architecture & Interiors and constructed by Columbus-based Taylor Brothers.
  • Premise Health is contracted to provide medical services.
  • The wellness center will have 46 employees, including 5 full-time physician positions filled by a rotation of eight doctors.
  • Visiting specialists will rotate in at the center, providing care such as women’s health, dermatology and eventually cardiology and orthopedic surgery.
  • Provides primary care and urgent care for illnesses and minor injuries, plus physical therapy.
  • Provides vision and hearing services.
  • Provides lifestyle coaching and services, including a teaching kitchen to educate about cooking meals of plant-based whole foods.
  • Has no waiting rooms and offers a flat fee for services.

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