What Should Employers Expect from Their Corporate Wellness Program?

Most organizations and leaders understand that workforce engagement is critical and can directly impact the quality of an employee’s work. The more invested and passionate employees are about the company, industry, colleagues, and management, the more motivated and dedicated they’ll be. A corporate wellness program can not only improve daily health and wellness habits but also improve peer-to-peer interaction and overall workplace happiness. However, finding one that meets the needs of employees as well as their employer is easier said than done.

Read on for your guide to investing in a corporate wellness solution for your organization and your workforce.

Why are corporate wellness and digital engagement important? 

Stress, satisfaction, and motivation are key drivers of job performance and organizational commitment, and it is essential that organizations understand what factors help to improve those individual characteristics. One way to increase employee engagement and build an organizational culture of wellness is through a corporate wellness program. Yet while many organizations invest in corporate wellness tools, these programs can’t deliver value unless people engage with them on a regular basis.

To make the biggest difference, corporate wellness programs should combine traditional health-measurement tools like biometric screenings and health assessments with a digital platform designed to increase social engagement, introduce health habits, and inspire team members. The result is healthier, happier workforces.

What should employers look for when investing in a digital wellness program?

A digital wellness program should help employers to create a culture of engagement and wellbeing, encourage socialization and communication among colleagues, help employees make physical and emotional health a priority, and more. To reach these goals, consider these five key pieces of a strong digital wellness program:

Customization and personalization – The key to driving engagement with a digital wellness program is customizing the content to each team member. This personalization ensures that every employee finds the content relevant and therefore has an intrinsic desire to engage.

Incentive Management – From HSA contributions to bonus days of PTO to raffle drawings and prizes, choose a solution that offers a fully customizable wellness incentive program to cater to your different employee populations.

Numerous Touchpoints – Because not all employees interact with their wellness platform in the same way, it is important to invest in a solution that meets all workers where they are. Whether that is through email, social feeds, daily contests, or activity reminders, look for a solution that will keep your team coming back day after day.

Service and consultation – Unless you have a large, full-time staff to run your wellness program, look for a vendor who will provide the consultation and collaboration to create the most effective program for you. Templated, one-size-fits-all programs fizzle out quickly, and engagement suffers.

Creative Health Challenges – While competitions and challenges are a standard feature, look for a platform that gets creative to engage every team member. Your digital wellness platform should boost collaboration by mixing individual and collective goals and encouraging employee interactivity.

How can employers work with their corporate wellness vendor to create a culture of wellbeing and engagement?

Once you’ve selected a vendor that meets all of your wellness needs, the next step is developing a plan to understand how you’ll work together. While the vendor should be expected to handle program setup and consult on the incentive design, communication strategy, and best practices, there is an equally important role for leaders within the organization.

Corporate wellness programs are most successful when leaders remain involved, excited about, and ready to see real change within their organizations. Additionally, programs experience their highest engagement when executives and HR leaders encourage ongoing involvement in challenges and activities. Make the most of your investment by promoting a culture of wellness from the top down.

Why Premise partnered with Sonic Boom Wellness 

In February 2021, Premise Health acquired Sonic Boom Wellness, a leading provider of corporate wellness technology. This partnership expanded Premise’s robust suite of products by adding a digital wellbeing and engagement platform designed to help members and families change their behaviors, improve their health, and make lasting lifestyle changes. They can do this through corporate contests and challenges, on-demand health education, personal goal tracking, and other tools. Through Sonic Boom, Premise Health empowers employees and families to foster healthy habits in all facets of their life, from physical fitness to behavioral health to nutrition.

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