Wellness Coaching: Your Health Journey Accountability Partner

It’s easy to want to live a healthier life, whether that means getting more sleep, being less stressed, or getting into shape. But after a long day, finding the motivation to pursue those goals can be a losing battle for many.

A wellness coach can help fill the gap for folks who are doing their best to balance wellness with all of life’s challenges, by providing intentional support, accountability, and resources to help them reach their goals, as well as supplement a greater overall wellness program for organizations.

What does a wellness coach do?

Wellness coaches work one-on-one with you to build healthy, life-changing habits and preventive behaviors that promote wellness on all fronts, including physical, behavioral, emotional, and spiritual health. Along the way, they serve as your accountability partner to help you identify root causes of unhealthy behaviors and implement solutions that stick. Taking a holistic approach, they focus on the pillars of lifestyle medicine, including nutrition, movement, emotional wellbeing/stress, sleep, substance free, hydration and getting outdoors.

The best part? A wellness coach is just like any other member of your care team. Like appointments with your doctor or counselor, work done with your wellness coach is confidential, and Premise Health wellness coaches hold a certification accepted by the National Board for Health and Wellness Coaching, so you know you’re working with an expert.

How does wellness coaching work?

Flexible and easy to adapt to a variety of lifestyles, wellness coaching can meet you where you are – whether that means geographically or on your health journey.

Accessible in a digital or in-person environment, coaches help you gain new skills and create actionable goals that move you closer to peak wellbeing with tools like individual coaching, group programs, seminars, podcasts, and more. Many members continue coaching for three to six months, though some may choose to participate longer as they continue to change their habits for a healthier lifestyle.  

Picture this: a member enrolls in wellness coaching and reports they’re having a hard time prioritizing their health as they manage their career and family obligations – everything is getting to be too much and they’re getting discouraged.

At their weekly meetings, the wellness coach listens intently as the member reveals their concerns around recent stress, weight gain, and chronic pain. Together the coach and member create a plan that includes low-impact exercises, a meal plan for a low-carb diet that incorporates more fruits and vegetables, and the coach helps them schedule an appointment with their primary care provider to discuss reoccurring pain.

After working with the coach weekly for nine months, the member reports receiving treatment for a chronic condition, losing weight, becoming more active, and feeling more satisfied with their life.

How can a wellness coach help me?

Because they tackle wellness holistically, a wellness coach may work with someone on just one aspect of their lifestyle or many through personalized guidance and customized, topic-specific programming. These programs focus on one aspect of wellness and its greater impact on the body’s function.

At Premise, programs led by wellness coaches include:

    • Sleep – Helps members improve their sleeping habits
    • Stress management – Helps members recognize the mind/body responses of stress while learning behavioral and cognitive strategies to promote optimal wellbeing
    • Weight management – Helps members achieve and maintain a healthy weight
    • Healthy eating – Helps members feel better from the inside out with guidance on their nutrition journey
    • Physical activity – Helps members incorporate increased physical activity into their lifestyle
    • Life satisfaction – Helps members embrace purposeful living
    • Work / life balance – Helps members develop plans around balancing their careers and self-care
    • Tobacco cessation – Helps members wherever they are in their tobacco journey – whether they’re ready to quit, have already stopped, or are contemplating kicking the habit
    • Pillars of wellbeing – Helps members with behavior change across all seven pillars of lifestyle medicine

A wellness coach can be the perfect person to join you as you take your first step to a healthier lifestyle, serving as an accountability partner, guide, and cheerleader for lasting change. Premise Health’s certified wellness coaches help members transform all areas of their lives, with confidential, tailored guidance and resources that take the day-to-day challenges into consideration.

Help your people prioritize living a happier, healthier life – contact us for more information about implementing wellness coaching at your organization today.

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