Three Takeaways from Premise Health’s Care Excellence Future Focus Webinar

When individuals are diagnosed with complex or serious conditions, or are told they need high-cost, high-risk treatment, they are too often left to fend for themselves. This results in poor outcomes, unnecessary or ineffective treatment, and a bad experience.

To solve this problem, Premise Health teamed up with Mayo Clinic to create a Centers of Excellence solution that provides rapid, fully coordinated access to the highest quality specialty care for members who need it most.

In a series of webinars offered to Premise Health clients, known as Future Focus, leaders from both organizations came together to talk about Premise’s unique Care Excellence offering. The webinar was highly attended, with viewers from across the country hearing firsthand how employers are enhancing access for members with complex, serious, or rare conditions.

Read on for our three biggest takeaways from the latest in our Future Focus webinar series.

1. Navigating Treatment for Complex Conditions is Extremely Challenging

In the U.S., there are many barriers to care, including access, time, and coordination. Whether members are living in rural or urban locations, getting the right care in a highly fragmented and inefficient system isn’t easy.

When you consider those diagnosed with a complex care need like organ transplants, spine surgeries, certain cancers, and more, it’s even more challenging. From high potential for misdiagnosis and inappropriate care to higher costs associated with specialized treatment – ensuring these individuals have the best care possible is critical.

That’s where the collaboration between Premise and Mayo Clinic comes in. Care Excellence, a vital offering that’s part of Premise’s Connected Care+ approach, leverages its work with Mayo Clinic to help reduce medical error and provide specialized, accelerated treatment for those with complex and serious care needs. This solution ensures a smooth referral process and provides specialized, high-quality, evidence-based treatment for those who need it most.

The innovative collaboration between these two organizations helps increase access to quality care, enhances the member experience, and lowers overall healthcare costs.

2. Care Excellence Delivers Life-changing Access to High-quality Specialty Care

Premise’s Care Excellence solution provides managed access to care for members and dependents with high-cost and high-risk care needs, and for those with wandering diagnoses. This solution removes barriers, making it as easy as possible for members to get the help they need, when they need it.

By helping members access premium, specialty care and expertise at leading facilities like Mayo Clinic, Care Excellence reduces misdiagnosis, complications, and duplication of services while enhancing the overall member experience and improving the standard of care they receive.

Additionally, with managed access, members receive expedited scheduling and condensed appointment itineraries at a Mayo Clinic campus. They also receive an employer-provided travel benefit combined with lodging, waived copays, deductibles, and co-insurance.

Along with this, Mayo Clinic and Premise use technology to extend Mayo Clinic knowledge and expertise to Premise providers at the point of care. This digital provider-to-provider consultation, a solution coined Care Consult, includes a thorough review of the member’s medical record and a recommended treatment plan based on their specialized experience – whether locally or at a Mayo Clinic treatment destination.

3. Collaboration is Key to Ensuring the Best Possible Outcomes for Members

Premise Health and Mayo Clinic are two complementary organizations, working together to deliver seamless experiences, improved outcomes, and better healthcare for everyone. Through collaboration, they are uniquely positioned to provide a truly enhanced care delivery model for several reasons:

1. Alignment

  • Premise and Mayo Clinic share a vision to change healthcare by delivering high-quality, integrated care with seamless member experiences.
  • Both organizations have salaried physicians, with no volume incentive, which means they are fully aligned with members interests.
  • They have complementary capabilities and a shared commitment to providing high-quality, evidence-based care.

2. Integration

  • By leveraging the same electronic health record and clinical tools, they help ensure seamless sharing of information and coordinated transitions of care for members and dependents.

3. Scale

  • Both organizations have a long history of delivering high quality care. They have the national reach and the unique expertise needed to overcome healthcare barriers and deliver fully integrated, coordinated care.

Together, Premise and Mayo Clinic increase access to quality care, enhance the member experience, and lower overall health care costs.

Optimizing Value for your Organization

With Premise Health’s Care Excellence solution, there’s no problem that’s too big or too complex. By leveraging our partnership with Mayo Clinic, we offer organizations and their members access to Complex Care and Care Models programs, connecting their people to specialized care when they need it most. Today, this partnership with Mayo Clinic allows us to offer high-quality care to members, in the future, we plan to expand this network to other leading facilities.

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