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Healthcare technology should answer a single question: how does this make things easier for the people who use it? That’s the question we answered with My Premise Health, our secure online member portal and mobile app. Let’s take a tour to see what members can do with it. 

Interacting with their care team

In the My Premise Health app, members have easy ways to interact with their care teams. Secure messaging allows them to ask questions and confirm next steps. Members also can see their care team with virtual visits during regular hours for their wellness center, right in the app. Through video or phone, they can engage with healthcare that works for them. Members with access to the Digital Wellness Center through their organization can take virtual visits anytime, anywhere.

In addition, Premise clinical team members can help members stay on track through proactive follow-up and outreach to members via the app, including post-appointment check-ins or reminders when it’s time to be seen again. By making it as easy as possible for members to interact with their healthcare, we help build the kind of trusted relationships with their care team that leads to better health.

Convenient appointment scheduling

Making appointment scheduling as easy as possible removes a common barrier between patients and their healthcare. Our members can schedule same-day and next day appointments through the My Premise Health app, selecting from any care team member or type of care available to them. Once they set the appointment, they’re ready to go — there’s no need to confirm over the phone.

Ahead of the appointment, members can complete all their check-in forms and provide updates on their medical information, like current prescriptions, when it’s convenient for them, instead of having to arrive 15 minutes early to fill out a stack of papers. This helps keep wait times to a minimum and makes appointments less disruptive to their schedules.

Staying on top of their health

It’s easy for members to stay up to date with their care plans and health information through the My Premise Health app. Taking ownership and being equipped to act on it can help members succeed in their health and wellness goals.

Lab and test results can be viewed by members on-demand from the moment they are loaded into their health record. The results are clear and easy to read, including if the results are high, low, or optimal. Providers can message alongside the results being uploaded and provide directions, context, and next steps, while answering any questions.

Members can then review any existing care plans, follow-up instructions, or educational materials provided by their care team to empower them to the best health possible. For prescribed medications, members can request refills, check the status, and more.

The My Premise Health app was designed to empower our members on their healthcare journey, make the journey as easy as can be, and ultimately to put access to their care team in their pockets. It provides a seamless, on-demand experience tailored to member’s needs.

Get in touch today to learn more about how we leverage technology to make healthcare easy for our members!

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