Prepare for the Holidays with Mindful Eating Techniques from Our Latest Webinar

In the latest from The Break Room, our exclusive webinar series for Premise Health members, Amanda Curley, MS, RDN, LN, breaks down how to practice mindful eating around the holidays and all year round.

In “Eat With Intention,” Amanda discusses how mindful eating techniques are different than a diet and offers ways to incorporate them into your routine. She explains the practice is meant to help transform your relationship with food and encourage a deeper appreciation of every meal, instead of acting as another set of rules or restrictions. Mindful eating means allowing yourself to have a slice of pumpkin pie while also feeling empowered to say “no” to seconds when you’re full.

Watch the recording below to learn more about mindful eating and how it can be particularly beneficial during the holiday season.


Benefits of Mindful Eating

Mindful eating, also called intuitive eating, can benefit both your physical and mental health. Like mindfulness, it’s about being fully present and aware of how you feel when you buy, prepare, and eat your food. This makes you more intentional about what you’re eating and why, which gives you a better understanding of what foods nourish you. This often creates healthier habits that can lead to improved cholesterol, lower blood pressure, improved self-esteem, and a greater variety of food added to your diet.

Mindful eating also helps you ditch diet culture and remove guilt from eating. It reinforces the idea that food is meant to be enjoyed while nourishing your body. This mindset shift can improve how you feel, give you better body appreciation, and reduce any stress you may feel around food.

How Premise Can Help

If you’re a member, or believe you may be a member, reach out to your employer to learn more about the benefits available to you through Premise. If you don’t have access to nutrition services, your provider can refer you to additional resources in your community.

To further support your total health and wellbeing, we also provide members access to a resource called Find Help with Premise. The platform allows you to search for assistance with food, among many other services, such as transportation, paying your bills, and more, because we’re dedicated to supporting your total health and wellbeing.

In addition to our primary care offerings, our whole-person approach to care includes wellness programs that focus on multiple areas of wellbeing, including managing stress, nutrition, physical activity, and relationships. If you’re an employer looking for additional ways to support your workforce, contact us today to learn more.

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