Inside a Premise Health Fitness Center

Incorporating exercise into your daily routine can have innumerable health benefits. While there is plenty of research that proves this to be true, why is it so difficult to start and maintain a fitness routine? Your employees aren’t alone if they struggle to add physical activity into their day-to-day. According to the CDC, less than a quarter of Americans are meeting national physical activity guidelines. The good news? Organizations have a unique opportunity to help their populations take steps in the right direction by simply making exercise options more available and reducing barriers for employees to get started.

Premise Health recently opened its flagship nearsite wellness center in Brentwood, Tennessee inclusive of a health center, fitness center, and pharmacy. Nearsite wellness centers are part of our integrated access model, bringing care to employees and dependents. They often complement onsite centers, serving as another access point for employees and their families to get care and engage in healthy behaviors.

Inside a Premise Health Fitness Center
Each of our fitness centers is intentionally designed to help motivate team members and create positive lifestyle change

The design of each of our centers is intentional, engineered to deliver exceptional experiences and engage team members in their overall health and wellbeing journeys. You can read more about our approach to health centers here. Our fitness centers are also uniquely designed to help people at all levels create healthy habits, whether that’s getting started with a new routine or maintaining an active lifestyle.

Fitness Center Experience

Getting started

Our priority is to ensure members feel welcome in the fitness center and have the support of our staff to meet their goals. We recognize every member will be at a different fitness level when they first interact with our center’s team and services.

Check-in and consultation area
The check in and consultation area where members can complete the enrollment process.

The first step, the orientation and acclimation process, walks new members through the enrollment process, including an informed consent and pre-activity screening to ensure safety and readiness for exercise. Next, our team listens to the member’s history and goals in order to recommend services that will match their needs and help them to appropriately track their progress. Members then have the opportunity to participate in an optional fitness assessment, which will help to measure their fitness progress over time. We typically recommend one or more fitness assessments to help the member set small, achievable goals. Setting attainable goals builds confidence and creates a level of accountability.

Once personal goals are set, the fitness team designs a physical activity program plan with the member’s unique goals as the focus. Now it’s time to get to work. The team walks through the plan, providing tips and detailed instruction on how to properly use equipment and technology, how to avoid injury and most importantly, how to get the most out of their exercise routine. Each of the steps in the orientation phase is key to success.

Sync up and get moving with on-demand classes.
Sync up and get moving with on-demand classes.

Intentional design

The design of our fitness centers is meant to help motivate team members and create positive lifestyle change. Our nearsite fitness center is broken out into multiple, focused zones, including:

  • Resilience Space: Recover, relax or reenergize. This quieter area is intended for low impact activities to help the body recover and as a space for mindful, resilience inducing activities.
  • Movement Lab: From individual to small group exercise, this open, functional training area offers equipment and floor space for a wide-range of exercise routines and classes. Members can complete independent workouts or join boot camp, yoga, or core-focused sessions held in the lab throughout the week.
  • Resistance/Strength Zone: Looking to incorporate weights into your routine? This area includes state-of-the-art equipment that can be used by all ability levels.
  • Technology: Sync up and get moving. Members have the opportunity to utilize virtual cardio workouts, search for an on-demand class or workout routine, and sync wearable devices to equipment for easy access to progress/metrics.
  • Innovation: Our fitness center offers the opportunity to test new products and technology. We value feedback and use the insights we gain to make improvements to the overall fitness center experience.
Recover, relax or reenergize in the Resilience Space.
Recover, relax or reenergize in the Resilience Space.

Move more, sit less is our fitness team’s motto. By improving access to fitness professionals and facilities, your organization is supporting healthier populations and a more productive workforce. Whether helping people overcome the fear of stepping into the gym or pushing an active team member to reach his stretch goals, our approach to fitness is helping both fitness members, and non-members alike, establish a routine and stick to it. This motto motivates our nearsite fitness teams to work not only within, but also outside the four walls of the fitness center to have a positive impact on your entire organization.

Time lapse of the mural being painted in the Premise Health fitness center in Brentwood, Tennessee

Stay tuned for the next blog in this series highlighting our pharmacy and the integration of evidence-based design principals to enhance the member experience.

Are you in charge of fitness at your organization? Get in touch – we value your questions and feedback.

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