Digital Wellness Center: The Gold Standard of Virtual Care

Virtual visits, often referred to as telehealth, deliver care to individuals when and where it’s most convenient to them, making it an excellent option for workers, families, and dispersed populations across the country. However, not all platforms are created equal.

For the world’s leading organizations, the healthcare industry represents a source of frustrating risk and offering their people virtual health services is a stopgap. It provides convenient access, especially in a work from home environment, yet it often lacks continuity and isn’t comprehensive. But what if having access to virtual healthcare meant getting more, not less? That’s where the Digital Wellness Center comes in to help employees and their families tap into an integrated medical practice in the cloud.

Given the accelerated shift to a virtual preferred environment in March 2020, Premise Health accelerated the launch of our digital offerings to meet the needs of members and clients across the country. Today, our members have embraced a virtual-first approach across the board. The data speaks for itself:

3,600% increase in scheduled virtual visits YOY

Members engage with providers virtually 50% of the time and in-person the other 50%

Digital Wellness Center: Next-generation care that’s more convenient and connected

The Digital Wellness Center delivers virtual care to members in all 50 states through a single, secure, cloud-based portal from a centralized care team. Taking a member-centered approach that spans primary care through specialty care, a cross-functional team works together to deliver a broad spectrum of healthcare services. The Digital Wellness Center supports and guides members through their care journeys, serving as trusted partners and allies along the way.

The solutions that power the Digital Wellness Center include:

  • Virtual primary care Gives members primary care whenever and wherever they need it, creating a medical hub for them to better manage their health and get expert help navigating local care as needed.
  • Virtual behavioral healthProvides convenient, one-on-one access to counseling from the comforts of home for optimal mental and emotional wellbeing.
  • Virtual occupational healthLeverages centralized teams to deliver medically appropriate guidance for work-related injuries and illnesses, nurse triage and first aid, and advice on safe return-to-work strategies and more.
  • Virtual pharmacy Going beyond simply dispensing medication, pharmacists play an essential role on the care team by helping providers and members make smarter healthcare decisions.
  • Connected Care+Leverages predictive analytics, advanced technology, and best-in-class partnerships to guide members to better outcomes with lower costs.

With these essential healthcare products under one virtual roof, it’s easier for members to prioritize health as it grants access to high-quality care when, where, and how it’s most convenient for them and their families.

Value-based care from a centralized team

The Digital Wellness Center team works day in and day out with members, creating trusted relationships and deeper engagement that yields better health results. From our physicians who quarterback primary care to our non-clinical support team who guides members throughout their journeys – our dedicated team is available to members on-demand helping them navigate care across the ecosystem.

Virtual care with a personal touch

This level of convenience makes calling a medical professional as easy as phoning a friend and gives members someone to reach out to with questions big or small, 24/7. It’s like when doctors used to make house calls, only better. It’s seamless, high-tech but still high-touch, and available to members when, where, and how it’s most convenient to them.

Integrated technology platform

Over-complicated healthcare technology can be a barrier for many people causing them to opt out of care altogether. The Digital Wellness Center makes outdated technology a thing of the past with My Premise Health, the secure member portal that provides a convenient way for members to schedule appointments, access a provider, and manage their health anytime, anywhere. And unlike other telehealth providers the platform is powered by Epic, the nation’s leading electronic health record platform that serves as a centralized hub for more than 50% of patients in the U.S. This allows for a seamless flow of information and solves for high-value total population care that is fully integrated across digital and physical provider teams.

Partnering with top healthcare analytics software

We also leverage best-in-class partnerships with Deerwalk and Healthcare Bluebook. These platforms inform data-driven insights that give our providers and non-clinical support teams the capability to make more intelligent, strategic decisions when it comes to member care.

A member portal that does it all

Whether members are on the go or at home, they can access all their healthcare needs in one central place via My Premise Health. Making appointments, refilling medications, viewing records, filling out forms, and even seeing a provider are made possible through this secure member portal.

What are the benefits of the Digital Wellness Center?

From simple check-ups at home and on-the-spot guidance to middle-of-the-night help, giving members access to a variety of high-quality healthcare services without geographic limitations is essential. The Digital Wellness Center removes barriers to better health and creates relationships with members who need help the most.

Meeting the different needs of your total population care means that no one gets left behind, whether they’re in rural Montana or metropolitan New York, whether they’re gay, straight, or transgender, black, Asian, or white, everyone gets equal care that’s value-based and accessible. Technology for good simplifies care and amplifies the healthcare experience.

The benefits for organizations:

  • Total population care – Reaching your entire population with fully integrated, data-driven primary care services anytime, anywhere
  • Best-in-class partnerships – Supported by industry leading technology and world-class specialty care – partnerships with Epic, Deerwalk, Healthcare Bluebook, and Mayo Clinic
  • Dedicated provider team – Unlike other digital vendors, our salaried physicians and clinical team members receive the same training and value-based incentives as our onsite providers
  • Concierge member experience – Our high-tech and high-touch virtual concierge team coordinate and help members navigate care from start to finish
  • Continuity of care – Comprehensive clinical care network combined with data-driven community referral facilitation and management

The benefits for members:  

  • Virtual primary care anytime, anywhere
  • On-demand video and phone visits 24/7, 365 days a year
  • Access to an exclusive care team and network of physicians available in all 50 states
  • Ability to build relationship with the same provider
  • Easy-to-use member portal and mobile application
  • One place for appointments, virtual visits, test results, and more
  • Care navigation and coordination for primary and specialty care needs

Telehealth is here to stay

People want the ability to access high-quality care when, where, and how it’s most convenient for them and their families. Whether it’s accessing essential behavioral health support, something that has been a growing need since the start of the pandemic, or care that’s inclusive and provides equal access to dependents and historically marginalized communities, telehealth is here to stay and offers a vital connection between providers and members that will continue to be put to use in 2021 and beyond.

Employers who want to stay competitive must be willing to adapt, and those who do will reap the benefits of a healthier, more productive workforce that drives growth and attracts top talent.

Give your people the unparalleled convenience of at-home visits, prescription delivery, behavioral health counseling and more from a dedicated care team that gets to know them and works together to deliver a broad-spectrum care with a personal touch. Get in touch today to learn how your organization can gain access to the Digital Wellness Center.

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