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Onsite Pharmacy Reduces Costs

How a Premise Health onsite pharmacy decreased medical and prescription costs by $13.8 million

In the face of rising prescription drug costs, self-insured employers must make tough decisions, balancing expenses with the need to offer top-tier benefits that keep people at their best. An onsite pharmacy strategy offers the best of both worlds.
One Premise Health client realized nearly $14 million in cost savings by:

  • Promoting medication adherence
  • Increasing direct access to pharmacists
  • Leveraging Premise Health’s national drug purchasing power


The Challenge

Our client, an internet networking pioneer based in San Jose, California, was looking for ways to control benefit costs, while at the same time solidifying its place as an employer of choice. In an industry where unlimited vacation, free transportation and daily meals are standard issue, this was no easy task.

The Solution

Premise Health identified the opportunity to reduce costs through an onsite pharmacy model, making it easier for employees to access care and obtain necessary medication. Our full-time pharmacists and technicians are motivated to build patient relationships in order to improve health, increase medication adherence, and identify the root cause of health conditions – all while realizing true value and cost savings.


The Outcome

The integration of pharmacy services into a primary care model that emphasized personalized, patient-centered care was the first step. Combined with real-time utilization reports and analytics, our client was able to realize a return on investment of $12 million in medical savings and $1.8 million in pharmacy savings over three years – a combined value of $13.8 million.

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