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Native American Wellness Centers

Taking care farther, by bringing it even closer.

A dynamic way to improve your employees’ well-being

To the average person, navigating the healthcare system is difficult. For individuals who face cultural and socioeconomic barriers due to low income or inconvenient access to quality healthcare, it’s even more challenging. We believe people everywhere deserve the best care possible, and that’s why we’re bringing direct primary care to you – right where you already live, work, and play.

Imagine a local health center designed to treat and prevent the biggest health concerns of the Native American community – heart disease, cancer, injuries, diabetes, behavioral health, chronic respiratory and liver disease. A place where health concerns are addressed by top-notch physicians and seasoned medical professionals. A doctor’s office where you’re never rushed. A wellness center personalized for your community.

Additionally, a 340B pharmacy connected to the wellness center staffed with pharmacists that serves as an extension of the primary care team. A team focused on appropriate education and adherence, getting to know each individual member, their family and their needs, and backed by some of the lowest drug costs in the country. All with the convenience of immediate availability and collaboration with your doctor.

We know it’s hard to provide quality, affordable healthcare, especially in less populated areas. This is where Premise Health shines. Our Native American Wellness Centers are built from the ground up, customized to meet the unique needs of your organization and transform the health of your community. Whether you are looking for a solution to lower costs and improve overall health and wellness or looking to increase the level of quality and experience of your tribal health services (IHS or insourced), please give us a call.


Every population is different, so you have the flexibility to choose which services are best for your unique community’s needs. Premise Health offers the industry’s widest range of health and wellness services, and you select which to integrate into your organization. We’ll work with you to design and build your center. We provide the technology, recruit and train wellness center staff, and handle member communication. We are with you the whole way, eliminating the need for you to communicate with multiple contractors.

Cost Effective

Our goal is to do more than just treat people when they’re sick. We aim to change the conversation from treatment to prevention to overall wellness. With our ability to effectively target high-cost conditions, you will see reduced healthcare spend per member and fewer visits to expensive community resources. When emergency room visits are necessary, your members can leverage our network of local providers and hospitals for immediate access to critical care services.


Unlike traditional healthcare settings, our staff takes the time to get to know every person who comes through the door. We offer a personalized experience that can make a life-saving difference for members with chronic illness. We have more time to educate, manage member expectations, and monitor their care. Our approach improves health outcomes through adherence to a comprehensive health plan, including any necessary prescriptions or ongoing treatments.


An onsite wellness center means quality care when and where you need it – eliminating the need to drive long distances and sit in crowded waiting rooms. Avoid unnecessary office visits and duplication of services that can be provided by the onsite Premise Health medical team. See a doctor and pick up your prescription without leaving the building, or use our innovative virtual health options to speak with a provider from your phone, mobile device, or computer.

Welcome to the new standard of care.

Partnership Focus

We bring a collaborative and personal approach to healthcare. With Premise Health, you’re not choosing a contractor – you’re choosing a partner. One who shares your values of improving the cost and quality of employee healthcare. We work with you to design and build your center. We provide the technology, recruit and train wellness center staff, and handle member communication. We are with you the whole way, eliminating the need for you to communicate with multiple contractors

340B Program Support

Premise Health is your 340B advocate. We not only help determine eligibility, but we assist with application, implement and manage onsite pharmacies, and provide ongoing audit support. Our virtual inventory model dispenses medications that generate credits, not expenses. And with our national drug purchasing power, we have access to generic medicine at cost, which we automatically compare with the 340B drug pricing to guarantee you the most economical option.

Proven Record

We’ve designed wellness centers and wellness programs for hundreds of organizations over the past 40 years, and through that experience, we’ve learned that every company has a unique culture and different goals. Now we have the most accredited onsite wellness centers and the widest range of services of anyone in the industry. We deliver an effortless member experience with three access avenues. Choose support. Choose experience. Choose Premise Health.


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