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Frustrated With High Healthcare Costs, Employers Are Taking Action. Here’s How.

Premise Health | Jami Doucette, President

More employers are turning to onsite and nearsite health centers to connect their employees to convenient, quality healthcare, according to the 2018 Worksite Medical Clinic survey, released by human resources consultant Mercer earlier this month.

As we reported on our news page, the survey report found:

 • One-third of all organizations with 5,000 or more employees provided direct healthcare access at or near the worksite this year – up from 17 percent in 2007.
 • Of survey respondents with general health centers, 67 percent allowed members to select the center as their primary care provider, compared to just 49 percent in 2015.
 • Among respondents who have invested time and resources to measure ROI, more than 50 percent reported a return of 1.5 or higher – meaning for every dollar invested, they saved a dollar and a half.

At Premise Health, we believe the fact that employers are exploring new ways toenhance healthcare for their employees is a good thing. Read on for insightfrom Jami Doucette, president of Premise Health, on the drivers behind thistrend and why employers are in a powerful position to push for change.

October 26, 2018
Jami Doucette
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