How Southwire saved over $1,600 PMPY through pharmacy and primary care integration

Based in Carrollton, Georgia, Southwire is a leading manufacturer in the wire and cable industry and an emerging influence in the industrial electrical space. A Premise Health client since opening their Wiggins Family Medical Center and Pharmacy in 1993, Southwire works with Premise to deliver advanced primary care, care management, and comprehensive pharmacy services to more than 7,000 employees and dependents.

The Challenge

When looking at Southwire’s population data, we found that members who engaged with Premise primary care and pharmacy services not only tended to be older than those seeking care in the community, but also had higher average health risk scores due to chronic conditions.

As chronic conditions cost the healthcare system approximately $3 trillion annually, this was an opportunity to provide the dedicated resources needed to prevent and alleviate the impact of these conditions and reduce overall costs.

The Solution

To support their high-risk population and curtail unnecessary medical spending, Southwire partnered with Premise to offer integrated primary care and pharmacy services with a focus on chronic condition management. Taking a team-based approach to care, Premise primary care providers and pharmacists worked together to support members with the resources they needed to manage their chronic condition(s), conveniently acquire prescriptions, properly take prescribed medications, and avoid costly emergency care.

The Outcome

Comparing Premise-attributed members to community- attributed members over three years (2019-2021), our study found that Premise-attributed members had better access to routine primary care and medication supply. Consistent access to medication supply leads to improved medication adherence, better health, and lower medical costs by combatting member anxiety around prescriptions and eliminating unnecessary pharmacy visits.

A byproduct of increased access to regular preventive care and medication, Premise-attributed members in turn utilized urgent care and emergency room services less and saw fewer inpatient admissions when compared to community-attributed members.

Cost Savings

On average, Premise primary care and pharmacy attributed members saved $1,611 per member per year compared to the community over three years (COGS out methodology). On top of that, Southwire was able to save significantly on operating costs thanks to the pharmacy-led variable copay savings program.

*Premise attributed members include members who were tested at a Premise Health site, but who may have had additional visits to community facilities; hyperlipidemia is not part of a standard Premise Health report. Percentages are rounded to the nearest whole number.



Chronic Condition Management

Premise-attributed primary care and pharmacy members consistently saw better adherence to testing guidelines and disease-specific clinical outcomes. Members were more likely to adhere to testing standards annually were able to gain more control over their conditions all three years.


Healthcare Utilization

Of the Premise members attributed to the onsite wellness center receiving primary care services, the vast majority were also attributed to the onsite pharmacy. Between 2019 and 2021, 87% of these members also utilized the onsite pharmacy. When members have access to providers that work together on the same care team, healthcare utilization and member satisfaction go up. In 2022, Southwire wellness center users gave a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 95 on average.

By prioritizing programs that can reduce the impact of chronic conditions and keep their people out of the ER and urgent care, Southwire was able to have a significant impact on member outcomes and lower their healthcare spend. It’s just one example of how integrating primary care and pharmacy services can lead to a healthier, more satisfied workforce, no matter the generation.

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