How Shaw Industries Increased Both Digital and In-Person Engagement Through an Integrated Care Delivery Model

Shaw Industries, a global flooring manufacturer headquartered in Dalton, Georgia, has also made a name for itself as a leader of associate health and wellness. To meet the care needs of their 36,000 associates and dependents, Shaw partnered with Premise Health to build an integrated and innovative care delivery model.

The Challenge

For Shaw Industries, delivering equitable access to healthcare services across their associate population presents a unique challenge. Sixty-five percent of their associate population is hourly and lacks the flexibility to visit their healthcare provider during the workday. Additionally, their population ranges from truck drivers to manufacturing workers to corporate associates, as well as field sales – each with a unique set of healthcare needs. In order to create equitable access to care across their population, Shaw needed to deliver a creative health and wellness solution that addressed these intricacies.

The Solution

When looking at their population, Shaw recognized a one-size-fits-all approach to healthcare would not meet the needs of their diverse workforce. To address their unique needs, Shaw and Premise partnered on a three-pronged approach to deliver convenient, high-quality care.

First, they built an integrated care delivery model consisting of four onsite wellness centers in Georgia and Alabama and 24/7 national virtual care. While manufacturing workers are onsite five to seven days per week, truck drivers and field sales are on the road traveling and at times spend days away from their hometowns. This combined model allows each associate to access care when and where it is most convenient for them – without losing quality or continuity of care.

Second, Shaw focused on identifying the specific care needs of their population and offering personalized benefits. With 75% of the population being classified as essential during the pandemic, Shaw recognized an increased need for behavioral health services to mitigate the stress and anxiety many were experiencing. In 2020, Shaw began offering three free behavioral health visits for associates and dependents to remove financial barriers to care and encourage a focus on mental, as well as physical health. Appointments with licensed counselors are available both digitally and in-person to ensure that all associates can utilize this popular benefit.

Third, Shaw recognized continued education and communication were critical to engaging their population. For those associates who don’t work in front of a computer, regular emails and notices on the company intranet were not an effective method of communication. Through an intentional effort to increase touchpoints with all associates, Shaw helped to educate associates on when they should seek care virtually, when they should visit an onsite provider, and how to fit wellness into their work schedule.

The Outcome

Through these intentional efforts, Shaw saw measurable increases in both digital and in-person engagement across their associate population. Over the last two years, Shaw and Premise have:

Opened 2 new onsite wellness centers to meet demand

How Shaw Industries Increased Both Digital and In-Person Engagement Through an Integrated Care Delivery Model

Increased behavioral health visits by 167% from 2020 to 2021

Increased in-person visits to onsite and nearsite wellness centers by 14% in 2021

How Shaw Industries Increased Both Digital and In-Person Engagement Through an Integrated Care Delivery Model

Seen a 22% increase in MyPremiseHealth portal activations

“Our Total Rewards package is designed to support all aspects of our associates and their families’ lives. We want our associates to be their best self not just at work, but at home. The health centers, virtual primary care, and behavioral health provided by Premise have been instrumental in providing access to high quality healthcare and resources for total wellbeing to help associates and their families thrive no matter where they live or work.

Nikki Sharp, Sr. Manager of Health and Wellness, Shaw Industries

Today, Shaw continues to focus on expanding access, improving health outcomes, and reducing costs for its associates.

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