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Member Stories

Compassion is always the best medicine.

Member Care

What our members are saying about their Premise experience.

Staff is awesome! Compassionate and professional. From check-in to service, top notch all the way.

Member in Phoenix, Arizona

Member Story

How Premise Health saved one member’s life.

It’s amazing how one person can change your life in a matter of minutes.

At the start of January, I went to my Premise Health Wellness Center after being in the emergency room over the weekend with severe dehydration, horrible pain in my abdomen, and vomiting for most of the night. The hospital gave me some fluids and sent me home.

Within five minutes of visiting my Premise Health Wellness Center, my care provider said my gallbladder was ready to come out. My gallbladder had doubled in size. She immediately sent me to a regional hospital to get it checked out. About an hour later they were prepping me for an emergency surgery. The surgery was successful, though it took a couple hours longer than expected, as my gallstones were the size of golf balls.

It only took my Premise care provider five minutes to figure out three years’ worth of being frustrated and not knowing what was going on with my body. If I hadn’t gone to my provider within 24 hours, I would’ve had sepsis, and I could’ve died. If I didn’t see her that day, I don’t know that I’d still be here. I owe her everything.

What’s even more incredible is that she didn’t stop with the initial diagnosis. My provider called me the day of my surgery. After the surgery, I came down with pneumonia and she texted me for the next week to make sure I was okay. You don’t get that care anywhere.

Member in Chandler, Arizona

Everyone is really friendly. Going to the office is super convenient, and I rarely have to wait.

Member in New York City, New York

The doctor listened to my concerns, was clear on treatment, and the atmosphere was warm and welcoming.

Member in Plano, Texas

Member Care

Our pharmacists deliver quality care to families.

As I was working on a Respiratory Adherence report, I noticed a young patient that overused her rescue inhalers and did not appear to be on a controller medication. The parents were often in the pharmacy picking up prescriptions and shopping for over-the-counter items, so I made a mental note to talk to them next time they were in.

During their next visit, I talked to the mother and recommended a peak flow meter, asthma action plan, and controller medications. The mother purchased a peak flow meter and then spoke with her pediatrician about the other options I mentioned. Last week, the mom came in and pulled me aside to thank me.

Their pediatrician placed the young patient on Qvar, and the mom was overjoyed with how well everything was going. The child was finally able to participate in volleyball for the first time in months and was no longer waking up in the middle of the night gasping for air.

Premise Health Pharmacist in Deschutes, Oregon

Thorough and very professional, with a caring and friendly touch. We’re so blessed to be afforded with a convenient wellness center in our community.

Member in Rutherford County, Tennessee

Member Care

Our pharmacists go the extra mile for members.

On Saturday morning, a new patient called the pharmacy with a problem. The patient was pregnant and due to genetic disorders, her care provider placed her on Lovenox for the duration of her pregnancy. Before calling us, the patient went to a Walmart pharmacy to pick up her prescription and due to the authorization required for the long DOS, the pharmacy charged her the full amount. She was nervous to go without medication, so the patient paid cash for a ten-day supply.

On that Saturday morning, the patient had run out of her medication and called our pharmacy for help. Jessica, our staff pharmacist, did just that! She transferred the prescription and worked with insurance to get an override for the maximum day of service allowed while the PA was being completed. When Jessica contacted the patient to let her know her meds were ready only 30 minutes before closing, the patient said she was on the way. Jessica stayed an extra 25 minutes after closing time until the patient was able to get to the pharmacy – knowing that the patient would miscarry if she did not get her daily injection.

The patient is now a regular customer. Jessica has since followed up with the patient and the provider to ensure the PA is approved before she runs out of medication again! Jessica has already started working on the PA for Heparin, which will be her new regime at 36 weeks. Way to go the extra mile for a concerned patient and to help ensure a safe pregnancy!

Premise Health Pharmacist in Memphis, Tennessee

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