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Occupational Therapy

Respond to occupational hazards.

Keeping your workforce at the top of their game.

With Premise Health’s occupational therapy offering, we help create a healthier work environment by understanding job functions, modifying worksite tools, and making recommendations to prevent workplace injuries. Our full-service lineup includes comprehensive evaluation, intervention, training and coaching, functional testing, ergonomics, and more.

Occupational therapy is shown to be effective in the treatment of:
• Functional limitations
• Repetitive motion disorders
• Hand injuries
• Chronic pain
• Carpal tunnel syndrome
• Arthritis
• Musculoskeletal trauma

Create a healthier work environment.

Our dedicated occupational therapists can:

• Identify and eliminate accident and injury risk factors in the workplace, such as actions associated with repetition, force, fixed or awkward postures, poorly designed tool handles, heavy loads, distance, vibration, noise, extreme temperatures, poor lighting, and psychosocial and other occupational stresses.

• Analyze job functions and job descriptions based on job tasks.

• Design pre-hire screenings to determine a candidate’s suitability to a particular job.

• Modify tools and equipment so they do not enable injury or illness.

• Provide education and training on injury prevention, direct healthcare and safety regulations, and managing job-related stress.

• Determine reasonable accommodations and worksite accessibility that is in compliance with the Americans With Disabilities Act.

• Recommend changes employers can make to minimize injury and accident risk factors.

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