Worksite Health Centers Set to Expand

Towers Watson & Co.’s 2015 Employer-Sponsored Health Care Centers Survey, released Thursday, found that 38% of large U.S. employers with on-site health facilities plan to add new centers in the next two years.

But 66% of the employers polled expect to expand the services they currently offer to include services beyond primary care by 2018, according to a summary of survey results.

Benefits professionals from 137 U.S. employers were surveyed from February to March of this year. Of that number, 105 companies representing 4.6 million employees currently offer employer-sponsored health centers, Towers Watson said in a statement.

Many employers believe their health care centers will play a greater role in managing and coordinating employee wellness, according to the survey. Currently, 86% of on-site health care centers offer employee wellness programs, and 63% provide lifestyle coaching to promote and reinforce behavior changes.

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