Sonic Boom Wellness Launches New Contest Creation Feature

Sonic Boom Wellness, a Premise Health company, released its redesigned create-a-contest feature to all members, elevating an already popular platform module to the next level. This innovative new feature simplifies the contest creation process while allowing members to fully personalize the entire contest experience to address their most important health goals. 

The new version guides users through a quick and easy setup wizard that gives them full reign to build something that speaks to their own interests and abilities. It also is available on the mobile app for on-the-go engagement and a seamless user experience. In just a few clicks, members can put a healthy challenge together for their colleagues, customizing each component along the way – from the contest title to the type of reward available to earn. 

Sonic Boom’s mission is to optimize engagement and wellbeing to make work and life better for its members. Their highly utilized contest feature adds value to client organizations by allowing the members themselves to build contests that fit their unique needs, interests and desires for their health. One of Sonic Boom’s most active clients, a large private university system, has achieved 80% engagement across their organization. One metric contributing to that engagement magic is the 213 contests created by members thus far in 2022.  

“Employee engagement and performance are deeply connected; however, keeping team members engaged with their workplace in ways they actually want to participate can be a challenge, especially across large and geographically dispersed teams,” said Sarah Matyko, vice president of client success at Sonic Boom. “With Sonic Boom’s new evidence-based gamification feature, members can interact with one another in unique and personalized ways. Sonic Boom is excited to provide this contest creation update to help our clients meet their goals for a connected, more engaged workforce.” 

Founded in 2007, Sonic Boom empowers employees and families to foster healthy habits in all facets of their life. The company focuses on the main drivers of behavior change, including social connection, healthy competition and smart incentives, to inspire people to make lasting changes. Empowering members to design and customize their own contests helps support them in their health journey — all with the guidance of Sonic Boom’s dedicated Client Success teams. 

“Sonic Boom’s continued innovation and focus on member engagement not only provides more to existing members, but it also positions them as a continued leader in the wellbeing space,” said John Cunningham, executive vice president of operations at Premise Health. “Premise and Sonic Boom are excited to continue evolving and growing together as we head into 2023.”