Premise VP of Benefits joins Nine to Thrive HR podcast for a conversation about the importance of wellness benefits strategy

Wellness starts with meeting team members where they are, according to Steven Cardwell, vice president of benefits, wellbeing, and retirement programs for Premise Health.  

Cardwell recently was featured in “The Magic Wands of an Employee Wellness Benefits Strategy,” a podcast from Nine to Thrive HR. Nine to Thrive HR is a national podcast produced by Human Capital Institute with more than 175,000 active listeners, covering topics from talent acquisition and analytics to engagement, retention, and development. 

In the podcast the host, Cindi Koetzle, and Steven talk about the importance of the organizational values of honesty and transparency and how these characteristics are foundational to an overall employee wellness benefits strategy and offerings.  

Steven talks about the shift in the scope of wellness taking place among many organizations. Wellness for Premise has become about more than just being physically fit or eating right, he notes. Instead, Premise focuses on a broader definition of wellbeing, including physical, nutritional, financial, and behavioral health needs, and even social determinants of health.  Steven reflects on the rise in importance of investing in wellness benefits, an area that had traditionally been tacked onto benefits plans, saying, “For us, it’s become about meeting our team members or employees where they are… We’re trying to get our employees to be able to participate and engage with what makes sense to them.”  

Steven has been with Premise for almost a decade. He previously cultivated varied work experience in benefits management roles for the food and finance industries and served as a consultant and broker providing his benefits expertise to businesses ranging in size from 20 to 10,000.  

To listen to the full conversation, you can find the episode on Spotify, Apple, SoundCloud or any other platform where podcasts are distributed.  

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