Premise Health’s Jami Doucette Speaks on Why Employers are Taking Health Care into Their Own Hands

Recently, Premise Health announced it was expanding nearsite wellness centers in 10 markets across the U.S. including New York City, San Francisco, Washington DC, Chicago, Atlanta, Houston, Dallas Fort-Worth, Boston, Los Angeles and Phoenix. Health Evolution spoke with Premise Health President Jami Doucette about the company’s expansion plans, how COVID changed the dialogue around virtual care, and what companies have realized regarding health care.

In the last several years, employers have come to find that health care spend is the largest, uncontrollable line item in an organizations’ P&L. “Traditional health care—community health care, health plans, PBMs, health systems—is entirely misaligned with the ultimate payer of health care services, and in many cases for Premise that’s the large self-funded employer or other self-funded entities like associations, trusts, labor unions,” said Doucette.

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