Premise Health’s CHRO Reflects Over Career and Lessons Learned Along the Way with Human Resources Executive

Liz Reimer, chief human resources officer for Premise Health, spoke with Human Resource Executive to answer questions about what has inspired her in working in healthcare, the modern challenges in talent acquisition and retention, and Premise Health’s approach to the greater benefits demand in response to the pandemic.

“In my role as chief human resources officer, I’m always asking: How can we make the benefits experience better for our teams, while also making sure they’re getting the best care available? That question also is important to Premise as an organization as we strive to connect those we serve to exceptional healthcare. The intersection of doing what I love at an organization with a similar mission is an exciting one.”

Reimer knows that it is more important than ever for organizations to highlight their values for their employees. There is now greater pressure on organizations to seek out more expansive health and wellness benefits, including virtual offerings and nearsite wellness centers for employees and their families.

“One important lesson I learned is to develop a deep understanding of what employees want and need, both now and in the future… Teams want to feel valued, heard and understood. The less connected an organization is to its employees, the harder it is to retain them. People are our greatest asset.”

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