Premise Health SVP on Consumerism in Health Care

Beth Ratliff, SVP, consumerism in healthcareIt’s been a big year for Premise Health. The worksite health company¬†announced a rebranding at the end of last year after Take Care Employer Solutions and CHS Health Services merged in April 2014, and has continued to grow in and out of its Brentwood and Franklin offices.

With about 500 clients across the country, Premise offers a number of onsite health services, such as occupational health, primary care and fitness and wellness centers. The company seeks to reduce insurance costs for clients, as well as increase access for clients’ employees, who are increasingly viewing health care through the lens of consumerism.

The Post spoke with Beth Ratliff, recently named senior vice president of product and strategy development, to get her take on how large employers are approaching a changing health care industry.

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