Premise Health Selects Teradata for Cloud-Based Data Warehousing

DAYTON, Ohio –  April 9, 2015 – Teradata (NYSE: TDC), the big data analytics and marketing applications company, announced that Premise HealthTM, a leading worksite health company, has selected Teradata to provide a problem-solving cloud-based solution for flexible, state-of-the-art analytic insight to enhance customer engagement and quality of care. Teradata Cloud allows customers to access the Teradata Database—managed by Teradata—in a secure and reliable production-class environment.

The solution incorporates Teradata Cloud for QA testing and production alongside Teradata® Virtual Machine Edition (VME) for development and data discovery needs. Premise Health has augmented their foundational platform investments with the Teradata Healthcare Data Model and the Teradata OLAP Connector, which provides self-service OLAP analytics through industry-leading BI toolsets.

The Teradata-based solution will facilitate the organization’s ability to analyze ever larger and more diverse data sets to provide new insights for the most effective performance with the most economically efficient database environment.  As the result of an integrated data solution and powerful analytics, the business benefits expected from this deployment, once in production, include increased customer engagement, improved coordinated care, and greater financial transparency.

Claraview, a division of Teradata, is providing the consulting and solution delivery, including data warehouse deployment. Additionally, Claraview is providing data integration and database development services to resolve often-underestimated complications in the healthcare industry, where integrating detailed data of many sources and types is a uniquely complex challenge.

“We made the decision to select Teradata because we were impressed with the robust nature of the cloud platform and utilities, Teradata’s clear understanding of our business and technology requirements – as well as the professionalism and expertise of the field team,”said James Beem, senior vice president, Business Intelligence and Analytics, Premise Health.

“Our business and expectations are unique in the healthcare industry, and our customer service delivery model is one of a kind,” Beem continued. “Our deliverables go far beyond reporting onsite healthcare service activities but rather we really are focused on continuously improving the customer experience and driving positive health outcomes.”

Premise Health manages more than 500 worksite-based health and wellness centers across the country with a stated mission of improving the cost and quality of employee healthcare.

“We are pleased that Premise Health has selected Teradata in their evolution to becoming a highly data-driven organization,” said Ted Senemar, vice president, Teradata. “We look forward to collaborating with Premise to build out their unique analytics and customer engagement vision.”

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