Premise Health President Weighs in On Biggest Tech Trends of 2022 for Fast Company

Fast Company worked on gathering insights from startup founders, Big Tech executives, VCs, scholars and other experts to speculate on the coming year within their field of interest.

Premise Health’s Jami Doucette lent his expertise on what’s to come this year. “Virtual primary care and remote monitoring are the two categories I’m watching most closely, and they go hand in hand. At first, people were accessing virtual care for ad hoc needs, such as minor illnesses and accidents. But now, there is a trend toward people looking to establish long-term, primary care relationships with virtual providers,” said Doucette.

“We also are seeing an increase in the use of remote monitoring devices, since certain tools, such as smart scales and blood pressure cuffs, are needed to facilitate quality virtual care. We expect these trends will only accelerate. As they do, stepping into the doctor’s office for an annual checkup may become a thing of the past.”

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