Premise Health Partners with The Workers’ Mic Podcast and the Midwest Coalition of Labor

The Workers’ Mic Podcast powered by the Midwest Coalition of Labor aims to educate the public on why unions are so important to the American economy. Premise Health CEO Stu Clark joined the most recent episode to share how direct healthcare can improve patient experiences, improve access, and reduce healthcare costs when delivered as part of union benefit offerings.   

“The system is set up to be very confusing and hard to navigate. The American worker puts everything they have into their job, they care dearly about their family, and it takes a degree in rocket science to figure out how to navigate the healthcare system. And so what happens, is they get lost in the system. We expect our primary care providers to really advocate for that patient.” – Stu Clark, CEO, Premise Health 

Hosted by Ken Edwards, Midwest Coalition of Labor, and Ed Maher, International Union of Operating Engineers, the episode focused on educating listeners about direct healthcare and how unions can provide high-quality, comprehensive primary care to their members. The show also featured four expert benefit leaders who are responsible for delivering care to more than 130,000 members and their families in the Chicago area, all of whom have access to Premise Health wellness centers in the region.

Tune in to hear from Kristina Guastaferri, Executive Director at Chicago Regional Council of Carpenters Benefit Funds, Tom Bernstein, Administrative Manager, Midwest Operating Engineers Fringe Benefit Funds, and Sean Madix and Erin Keane, Local 134 IBEW Benefit Plans, about the impact that direct healthcare has had for their people and where unions should go from here. 

Listen to the latest episode here.