Premise Health Partners with Companies to Bring Vaccine Access to Employees Onsite

Since vaccine eligibility now includes all adults, numerous companies and unions are choosing to offer onsite vaccination opportunities for their employees. For workers, employer assistance with receiving the vaccine makes the process easier and more accessible for those, who may otherwise, find it difficult navigating the appointment process, filling out paperwork, finding time off work or transportation.

Companies are viewing the vaccine as a vital step toward restoring normalcy and as a way of helping their team members return to the office.

American Airlines, Subaru, chicken producer Mountaire Farms, and agricultural equipment maker Vermeer are among 40 companies that brought vaccines to their employees through partnerships with Premise Health. At least 25,000 people have been vaccinated through the partnerships, said Premise Health President Jami Doucette. He expects that number to climb into the millions.

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