Premise Health Joins Axios Expert Voices Roundtable to Discuss Access and Affordability in Tennessee

Premise Health CEO Stu Clark recently attended an Expert Voices Live roundtable, hosted by Axios, to discuss healthcare access and affordability in the state of Tennessee. The government officials, academic experts, and local leaders in attendance shared their thoughts on the challenges faced by care providers, focusing on centralizing services, effectively allocating funding, and designing policy.

Clark voiced his opinions when the group debated the potential of centralizing health services and applying the community health center model on a larger scale.

Axios Roundtable | Access and Affordability in TN

“We need to get off the fee-for-service treadmill and translate equitable health coverage to rural areas and underserved areas,” he said.

Other heavily debated topics included the structural inefficiencies of financing healthcare coverage and the importance of creating change at the policy level.

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