Premise Health Empowers Providers to Address Social Determinants of Health and Support Members with Integrated Digital Platform

Platform allows providers to manage social determinants of health as part of a member’s care and make seamless referrals to community resources

Premise Health, the world’s largest direct health care provider, has added Find Help with Premise to its digital offerings, a platform that connects members with programs in their communities that can offer assistance and resources for needs ranging from childcare to transportation and hunger. The platform will integrate with Premise’s electronic health record, allowing its providers to view local resources during appointments and make seamless referrals to social services at the point of care.

The COVID-19 pandemic has deepened the needs of Americans over the past year through layoffs, decreased household incomes, and large medical bills. Premise recognized the challenges brought by 2020 and saw a need for a solution to address social determinants of health and associated barriers, while empowering its providers with the right resources to help members. By expanding its digital capabilities with this platform, Premise will better support its most at-risk members and help them live healthier.

Social determinants of health, the conditions in the environments where people live, work, and play, affect a wide range of health and quality-of-life outcomes and risks. When people lack access to a healthy environment and basic needs, it can impact health as much or more than serious medical conditions. For its members in need, Premise providers can access Find Help within its integrated electronic health record by simply entering a member’s zip code. The platform will populate all applicable programs in the member’s area, allowing the provider to make referrals during an appointment in the same way they would refer out to a specialist. This helps members overcome challenges to help them lead healthy, productive lives and keep them safe.

“Our members are central to what we do, and our goal is always to help them live healthier. Social determinants of health, such as access to food, transportation, and even green spaces can have a large impact on someone’s spiritual, emotional, and physical health,” said Premise chief medical officer Jon Leizman, MD. “Our new Find Help platform will extend our clinicians’ ability to address these aspects of health and better serve our patients. By connecting members with the resources they need, our providers will be able to have an even more profound impact on their health and wellbeing.”

Not only will the Find Help platform be available to providers, but members and their families will also be able to access it for free on a dedicated external website. For even more convenient access, the platform will soon be embedded within the My Premise Health app, which members can download in the Apple or Google Play stores, making it easy to get assistance whenever needed. The platform includes a wide variety of resources for social services and programs such as food, shelter, health care, financial assistance, and more.

Premise is offering the platform to its clients at no additional cost. Providers and members now have access to Find Help, which currently boasts over 450,000 program listings and is constantly growing. The new Premise offering will be periodically assessed to ensure it evolves in the most meaningful and valuable way possible for members and their families.