Premise Health delivers comprehensive virtual care to clients and members, with nearly 20 health care products offered in a virtual environment

Premise Health, the world’s largest direct health care provider, now delivers nearly 20 of its products in a virtual-first environment as part of an overarching response to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. By delivering care through its established virtual platforms, Premise is proud to provide continued access to high-quality health care for large employer clients and their populations, while alleviating the burden on community resources.

Premise launched its 24/7 on-demand national virtual platform in January, delivering care to members across all 50 states from a dedicated team of Premise physicians. This offering complements its local virtual health platform, which has long served as an extension of care provided through onsite and nearsite health centers. Since mid-February, Premise has seen a 1,500 percent increase in scheduled virtual visits and a 150 percent increase in secure messages sent between members and providers.

While many direct health care and telehealth companies offer limited services in a virtual environment, Premise chose to expand nearly all of its products virtually to ensure members can receive the care they need, when they need it. It now offers appointments for a more extensive list of health care needs than any other telehealth provider. This list includes primary care, occupational health, clinical pharmacy, behavioral health, chiropractic care, condition management, dermatology, ergonomics, fitness, nutrition, occupational therapy, physical therapy, vision, wellness coaching, acupuncture, and women’s health.

Shift To Virtual Health During COVID-19 | Premise Health

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“This is unchartered territory for Premise, our health care system, and the nation. By leveraging video and telephonic visits across a wide array of services, we’re providing more care for our members than any other provider in the industry,” said Premise President Jami Doucette. “Virtual health is being put to the test in the wake of COVID-19, and we’re confident our established platforms will continue delivering the highest quality of care in the market.”

In a time when more and more Americans are turning to virtual health care, many have experienced long wait times. However, given Premise’s ability to expand capacity by leveraging its significant pool of on-call Premise physicians, time spent waiting to see a Premise national virtual physician remains less than seven minutes, not several hours. Short wait times along with engaged providers, and the continuity of care, information, and member experience that comes with a single team, have been a key part of Premise’s member net promoter score (NPS) of 85 for virtual health.

Premise onsite and nearsite pharmacies have also added additional services to continue serving members and their families, leading to double the standard amount of medication refill requests through Premise’s patient portal since March. New services include early and extended refills, supporting 30-day drug surplus for appropriate members, and offering free mail order and curbside pickup availability for prescriptions.