Premise Health Completes Transition to Epic, Celebrates More Than One Million Records Exchanged

Direct healthcare company Premise Health today announced it has completed its transition to the comprehensive health records system Epic, marking one of the largest geographical and ambulatory roll-outs to date. The organization also celebrated exchanging more than 1.4 million patient records through the platform, an achievement that reflects its enhanced ability to coordinate care for patients throughout the healthcare ecosystem.

“Our transition to Epic has been a critical step toward delivering the fully integrated care that clients and members deserve, and that is required to enhance health outcomes,” said CEO Stu Clark, Premise Health. “Equipping our teams with a single electronic health record, aligned to our industry-leading clinical approach, has significantly enhanced their ability to deliver quality care over time, offering greater healthcare value.”

Clark added that collaboration with specialty providers in its communities is a cornerstone of Premise’s vision to serve as the “healthcare quarterback” for members, ensuring they receive high-quality care in every setting.

Expanding access to care

In addition to enhancing care quality and coordination, the transition to Epic allowed Premise to expand its integrated access model and enhance the patient experience, according to Beth Ratliff, the senior vice president who led the roll-out.

“An integrated solution like Epic allows us to deliver unmatched value to our clients, members and their families by leveraging virtual care as an access point for patients directly through the platform via video and phone visits, and secure messaging with a provider,” said Ratliff. “Epic also drives an enhanced experience by allowing patients to schedule and check-in for appointments, receive preventive care reminders, and access after-visit summaries and lab results online through the patient portal, MyChart, on a mobile phone or computer.”

Since the transition began, it has connected nearly 3,000 Premise providers at 347 wellness centers to community providers in all 50 states. All eligible Premise members have access to MyChart, putting important health information at the patients’ fingertips and driving an enhanced experience. The platform enables Premise to seamlessly deliver care across multiple service lines, including: primary care, behavioral health, condition management, fitness, occupational health, physical therapy and wellness coaching, among others.

To date, Premise has:

  • Exchanged records in all 50 states
  • Completed more than 960,000 appointments in Epic
  • Had patients schedule more than 100,000 appointments in MyChart

Building trust with provider teams

When Premise first embarked upon this project in March 2017, it sought to build a cross-functional, provider-focused team to oversee it, notes Dr. Peter Vasquez, executive vice president of medical operations, Premise Health.

“We knew from the outset that our providers had to embrace the transition, if we were going to succeed,” he said. “Their input was essential to ensure that our roll-out didn’t disrupt patient care, but rather captured clinical best practices and scaled them across the organization.”

This approach allowed Premise to finish its transition on time and on budget. Premise began the rollout in Q4 of 2017 and transitioned its final client site in January 2019.

The organization’s commitment to data security, compliance, and risk management infrastructure resulted in earning Certified status for information security for Epic from HITRUST.