Premise Health CEO Discusses State of Healthcare with Senator Bill Frist

On the latest episode of Senator Bill Frist’s podcast, A Second Opinion, Premise Health CEO Stu Clark joined his longtime friend for a conversation about the current and future state of healthcare. They discussed everything from how data can drive better health outcomes, to the value of a hybrid healthcare model, the significance of value-based care, and more.

The two also spent part of their conversation talking about the importance of culture and team building when growing a company. After having been in the industry for 30+ years and leading many mergers and acquisitions, Clark is passionate about the impact culture can have on a company.

“I’ve started to realize it’s the qualitative human element that makes all the difference in how a company is performing. To make an integration or new product line work, it’s those elements that matter,” he shared. “At Premise, I boil it down to a series of words in this order – mission, team, teammate, self. If you follow that order of what’s important in our company, the company will take care of you.”

To learn more about Stu’s background, how Premise was formed, and why Nashville became home, listen to the full podcast on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.