Premise Health Campus Reopening Playbook Featured in Business Insider

Premise Health has worked with its clients throughout the coronavirus pandemic to help them maintain business operations while keeping employee safety a top priority. Now, as states and businesses are starting to reopen, Premise clients are challenged with how to bring remote workforces back to campus in the absence of an effective vaccine.

To assist its clients while also determining its own reopening strategy, Premise developed a 27-page reopening playbook, which you can download for free here, using experiences from the past several months of helping keep essential employees safe.

President Jami Doucette said the company has been sharing the playbook with existing clients as well as organizations the company hasn’t worked with before.

“Our approach is that it’s all hands-on deck,” he said.

The playbook emphasizes there isn’t a one-size-fits-all strategy and instead offers a variety of recommendations for employers to consider based on their unique situations. Recommendations fall into three categories – at the workplace; employee health; and communications.

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