New Report from National Alliance of Healthcare Purchaser Coalitions Features Counsel from Premise Health

Premise Health, the nation’s leading direct healthcare company, is featured as a benchmark for comprehensive primary care in a new report from the National Alliance of Healthcare Purchaser Coalitions.

The National Alliance of Healthcare Purchaser Coalitions seeks to drive health and healthcare value, a mission that cuts across all aspects of the healthcare system. One of its key initiatives brings a focus to primary care — an essential component of healthcare that helps people stay healthy and manage chronic conditions.

Findings of the Fall 2019 report were used to determine which attributes of primary care organizations drive superior value to improve health outcomes while mitigating healthcare costs for employers and other plan sponsors. Below are a few of the key attributes of primary care that delivered the greatest quality and value of care, leading to lower healthcare costs and better health.

Enhanced Access

Enhanced access to primary care means patients can receive care when they most need it. It removes barriers like long-wait times and financial hurdles, offering instead features like same day appointments, virtual access, and affordable visits.

For example, Premise offers multiple convenient onsite and nearsite wellness centers. It also delivers nearly 20 products through an innovative virtual health platform. Regardless of the time of day, this platform ensures a fully licensed provider is only a short video, message, or phone call away.

Organizational and Infrastructure Backbone

Organizational infrastructure, including a commitment to quality and sophisticated information technology and security, is the backbone to comprehensive primary care. It ensures that both providers and patients have the resources and information they need to enhance health.

At Premise, providers leverage the electronic health record Epic. As one of the largest providers of health information technology, this high-quality electronic health record (EHR) makes it easier than ever for providers to collaborate and patients to view and manage their own records.

Disciplined Focus on Health Improvement

A focus on health improvement requires an understanding of population risk factors and a strategy to focus resources where they will drive the greatest improvements.

Likewise, Premise’s comprehensive primary care approach focuses on the long-term health of the patient – from preventive services to behavioral coaching and modification to chronic condition management. Premise direct primary care teams demonstrate chronic condition management through monitoring patient’s chronic conditions, refilling medications, and addressing acute concerns. This long-term health focus presents patients with complete and well-rounded care for their overall wellbeing.

Premise is a mission-driven organization that strives to help members and dependents get, stay, and be well. It serves more than 275 organizations in 44 states and Guam with access to integrated onsite, nearsite, and virtual care and more than 26 different products and services.

The 2020 National Alliance of Healthcare Purchaser Coalitions’ report is available for download here.