Joey Johnson Tackles Data Security in Healthcare

Joey Johnson is no stranger to the importance of data security in the healthcare world.

As Chief Information Security Officer at Premise Health, Johnson handles countless terabytes of patient records, billing information, and other secure data. He also manages the integration of Premise Health services with the protocol demands of clients.


Joey Johnson, right, manages data integrations with Premise Health clients

In an interview with Toggle Magazine, Johnson expressed his love for working in such a difficult, yet important, industry.

“One of the things I find a lot of joy in is taking problems and overcoming them in a way where a business hindrance now becomes a business driver,” Johnson said. “It seems counterintuitive at first, but there’s often a path forward there, if you’re willing to look hard enough.”

Under Johnson’s lead, Premise Health became the only dedicated onsite health provider to achieve HITRUST accreditation, an initiative for championing information safeguarding.

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