Jami Doucette of Premise Health on Telehealth Best Practices

The pandemic has accelerated the growth of virtual primary care and has been extremely beneficial in providing timely and safe care. Premise Health President Jami Doucette thinks the industry will likely see a hybrid model moving forward, where an initial conversation or diagnosis takes place through a virtual consultation, followed by in-person care where needed.

“The biggest benefit of in-person care is the ability for doctors to form personal connections with patients and build trust. Trust is important, not only to ensure people feel comfortable disclosing symptoms and receive the appropriate medical advice, but also because it opens the door for providers to have important conversations with their patients about lifestyle choice and behaviors that may be impacting their health. It’s essential to get to know the patient first in order to understand their background and cultural context, develop a rapport, and make sure they feel at ease from the start, which can be easier to achieve face to face,” said Doucette.

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