How to Evaluate New Technologies

Headshot of Jami Doucette, President of Premise Health

Technology continues to remain a critical piece of healthcare delivery. As healthcare companies continue to look to technology to improve how care is delivered, we continue to see growth of technology companies entering the space. The challenge? How do companies know which solutions are best for their populations?

Premise Health president Jami Doucette, MD, MBA, CSCS, recently shared his insights on evaluating new technologies with MedCity News. In 2019, investor interest in healthcare technology soared, and it remains strong in 2020. Healthcare organizations have taken notice of the growing trend, implementing various apps and technologies for their members. Doucette offered three tips to help determine which technologies are worth the investment.

What is the problem you’re trying to solve? Poorly identified goals can lead to frustration or even diminished health outcomes. Know what problem you want to solve when searching for your next tech solution.

Who is using the technology and for what purpose? Consider the perspective of both patient and provider. If your goal is to impact healthcare delivery, the technology you’re evaluating needs to be helpful for both audiences.

How will it create value? Before buying into a product, ask yourself a few questions to determine how the product will create value and integrate into your organization. Does it integrate into existing technologies and workflows? If not, what will need to happen in order to successfully implement it? How will you track and measure success?

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