Healthcare Costs for Large Employers Projected to Rise Another 5% in 2018

Onsite Health Centers and Virtual Care Offer Solutions

It’s no secret that the cost of healthcare is on the rise, for both employers and individuals. The Washington Post explores the reasons for the trend and what companies are doing to counteract it – including adding onsite health centers and virtual care options for their populations.

As the article states, the bulk of these increased costs are attributed to expensive specialty drugs and individuals with high medical costs. What if there was an effective way to get people engaged in their own health – seeking preventative care, managing their conditions, and making healthier choices? There is, and it’s mentioned in the article – onsite health centers. In today’s hectic world, time is of the essence, and reaching people where they spend most of their time – at work – is the first step toward creating a healthier employee population, increasing productivity, and reducing healthcare costs. Premise Health is the leader in onsite health and wellness for a reason – we help companies keep their edge.

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