Fortune: Top employers are bringing mental health services to their employees. A Premise psychologist shares her experience.

In Fortune this week, Premise psychologist Dr. Connie Siciliano Avila was interviewed about her work as an onsite therapist for AT&T at its Dallas headquarters.  

The article, “Companies like Delta Air Lines, Google, and AT&T are bringing on-site therapy to the office,” explores how top companies are addressing the current mental health demand by de-stigmatizing the topic and providing support through onsite wellness centers.  

Dr. Avila is part of an integrated wellness center available to AT&T employees, which also offers primary care, chiropractic care, physical therapy, and wellness coaching. She joined the center in 2020 to support employees with health needs such as stress management, depression, anxiety, and trauma. 

What’s it like to work on an employer campus? “I’m the same Dr. Connie that I am if I’m in private practice, though I am a little more mindful that somebody’s going to leave my office and go to work,” Avila says.  

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